November remix chain recap

Happy December! As I did for my April remix chain, I thought I'd recap my November remix chain and add in a little more analysis. If you're not sure what exactly I did, I basically remixed 15  tops and 15 bottoms, alternating between top and bottom. The bottoms I wore on day 1 were also worn on day 30 to complete the chain. The weather for the month was relatively consistent for it being fall, with not many drastic changes in temperature or precipitation. The biggest change was travelling to California over Thanksgiving break and having to dress for 70-80+ degree temperatures instead of 40-50 degree temperatures! Anyway, here are all 30 of my looks in order from November 1st to November 30th:


First thoughts: I very much preferred wearing pants over wearing skirts/dresses (with tights). Out of 15 bottoms, three of them were skirts and two of them were dresses. That means two-thirds of my bottoms were jeans or pants. When it's cold out, I gravitate towards pants since they tend to be warmer and less fussier than tights (though I do love a good pair of fleece-lined tights). I also stuck to a relatively cohesive color palette. My base neutrals were black, grey, ivory/white, and denim blue. My secondary colors consisted of navy, burgundy, and red, and my accent colors were forest green, mustard yellow, and camel. All of my color combinations felt true to the season, even when I was in the California warmth.

My favorite outfits were day 3, day 5, day 6, day 7, day 16, day 18, day 19, day 24, day 27, and day 28. These looks had some of my favorite color combinations, and the fit of the pieces were exactly how I liked. I remember feeling extra confident on these days. I realize that I picked every day that I wore a cropped sweater. I really like the looks I put together with them! Also, I find it kind of funny that I liked three days in a row: days 5-7. I had a pretty good streak going, haha.

My least favorite outfits were day 4, day 9, day 20, and day 23. For the most part, I'm really happy with the outfits I put together! There were only a few that I likely wouldn't repeat. Not surprisingly, the monochrome grey outfit made the list. I think I would have liked it more if the sweatshirt was more fitted. I just kind of look like I'm wearing PJs and I didn't feel put together that day. The two looks featuring longer sweaters over skirts also didn't feel like me, and I wasn't as confident wearing those. I don't mind tying a shirt over a dress, but the look with the flannel over the dress doesn't feel cohesive to me. Perhaps it was my bare legs and combat boot combination?

In addition to my obvious repeats, I also repeated quite a few other items, like my shoes. I'm the type of person that loves to get a ton of wears out of my pieces because I don't have the disposable income to spend to wear things only once (I mean, who really does, unless you're making millions?). Not to mention, I love the pieces I do buy, and I want to wear them a lot! Here's a breakdown of the extra pieces I wore at least twice during the month and how many times they were worn:

  • Black ankle boots: 6 (days 2, 5, 11, 14, 21, and 25)
  • Black loafers: 4 (days 1, 7, 26, and 30)
  • Cognac combat boots: 4 (days 3, 9, 15, 24)
  • Black gem earrings: 4 (days 7, 13, 25, and 27)
  • Brown tall boots: 3 (days 12, 16, and 18)
  • Cognac ankle boots: 2 (days 10 and 17)
  • Red loafers: 2 (days 4 and 19)
  • Navy sandals: 2 (days 27 and 28)
  • White collared blouse: 2 (days 8 and 18)
  • Chambray shirt: 2 (days 6 and 17)
  • Trench coat: 2 (days 1 and 22)
  • Sideways 'K' necklace: 2 (days 4 and 24)
  • Chevron necklace: 2 (days 6 and 11)

Not too shabby, eh? I should note that I did wear a coat or jacket on the days one wasn't photographed; I usually just wear them for practicality and not necessarily because they go with my outfit ('cause sometimes they don't!). I also realized that I only photographed a bag once during the month. I don't use bags during the week (unless we go grocery shopping), but I never really planned outfits included bags since my bags are pretty neutral.

I also want to mention the items that were worn during this remix chain that were also worn during my April remix chain. The tops I repeated were the burgundy cardigan and the asymmetrical grey cardigan (though the grey cardigan was not one of the 15 tops I remixed twice this time). The bottoms I repeated were the high-rise jeans, dark wash skinny jeans, legging jeans, boyfriend jeans, forest green pants, camel pants, and black skirt. Obviously jeans are the easiest thing for me to wear, so they were bound to be worn again this past month!

Overall, I'd say that my November remix chain was pretty successful--more successful than my April remix chain as far as outfits that I like and the fit of my pieces. I stick to simple silhouettes and a narrower color palette when making outfits with restrictions, which is not a surprise. I'll be using the information from this recap to further streamline my wardrobe and make smart purchasing decisions in the future. :)