It's not fall!


Since when has Labor Day meant the end of summer? Newsflash, bloggers: It's still summer if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, and especially if you live in the contiguous United States! (Unless you're a climatologist; then technically fall started on September 1st.) Just because it might be 70 degrees for one day out of a few days doesn't mean it's fall just yet. Almost every corner of the country has still been seeing temps at or above 80. I've noticed a lot of fashion/style bloggers within the past week wearing fall outfits--full-on layers, long pants, boots, etc. (Some of these bloggers live near me and I have no idea when they could have possibly worn that outfit in the past week and not melted in the heat.)

Anyway. Because it's still summer and I've been soaking up as much warmth as possible, I decided it was time to pull out my fun, short shift dress. It's way too short to wear to school without leggings underneath so I have to reserve it for weekends, and I don't wear it as often because of that. This dress was actually my very first Stylish Surprise from ModCloth. The package was almost lost (USPS marked it as delivered when it wasn't and I had to go to the office to track it down), but I'm so glad it wasn't! I kept this look simple (as usual) with black accessories (including my new sandals!) and my triangle necklace.


ModCloth dress (old), necklace, and sunglasses / Ananias sandals (custom) / Halogen bag