Caturday: Melody's 7th birthday!

Our smallest cat, Melody (full name Melody Pond), is also the oldest; today is her seventh birthday! Chris adopted her a couple of years ago, and the humane society he got her from didn't have an exact birth date set for her, so he made it his birthday. Such is the life of cats in the shelter system. It works, right? Haha.


I first met Melody when I visited Chris/New England for the first time two Octobers ago. She was so sweet! I love lap cats; they're my favorite. She is eager to sit on anyone and everyone's lap or chest. You sit on the couch and she is right there waiting to lay on you. It's very cute. The only downside is when she wants to sit on someone allergic to cats. It becomes quite an ordeal keeping her from them!


Melody will leave the apartment if the door is ever ajar. There have been times where I forget something so I run back inside to grab it and keep the door cracked, only to find her outside looking around. She's so naughty! There were people painting our door one afternoon, and she kept trying to open it/peek out. The girls aren't allowed outside without their harness and leash on. She really enjoys going on walks once she realizes she's free to move around wherever (it always takes a couple minutes of her laying on the ground confused), but she doesn't wander around as much as the other two.


Melody's favorite things include cat nip (I just got them a new cat nip cigar and she can't get enough of it; the Yeowww! stuff is the best), soft blankets, open windows/sitting by the window, and people. She loves people! She also enjoys being a terror by running around the house with Sybil like crazies, by knocking things off of the counter, and by scratching on things she's not supposed to (the couch, the stairs...). She only likes using carpet/twine to scratch on. She does not scratch on the cardboard scratchers! It was so irritating trying to get her to scratch on a cardboard one Chris had picked up, but the moment we put down one of the standing twine ones, she was at it. The only problem is sometimes she'll pick the stairs over the scratcher even though they are next to each other. Gahhhh! She is so bad sometimes but it is so hard to stay mad at her.


Isn't she just the cutest? It was so hard to pick photos for this post because she is quite photogenic and I have lots of photos of her. (I post a lot on my Instagram if you want to see more of my Mels Bells!)