Neighborhood hopping

Casual spring outfit with boyfriend jeans — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Everlane linen box-cut tee in indigo stripes — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Striped linen tee outfit with boyfriend jeans and sandals — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Spring outfit with striped linen tee — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Boyfriend jeans outfit with sandals — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

You may or may not have noticed that I've been taking my outfit photos in a variety of different locations lately. I think I whined every time we shot at our usual spot (a park) because after shooting there for so many months, it felt very uninspiring. Not to mention, most of my outfits call for an "urban" background to tie it together (in my opinion), and the park doesn't really offer any of those. Luckily, Korri has been on board with driving around, finding new places to shoot in different neighborhoods around town. It's a fun way to discover places we never noticed before! (It also helps that it's dark out late enough that we have time to do this after work! We may be headed back to the park once fall and winter roll back around...)

We've had some beautiful spring weather this month: a good mix of warm, sunny days and cooler, showery days (with some thunderstorms to keep things interesting). On one particularly warm day, I broke out a linen tee and sandals to wear to work with boyfriend jeans. Of course, I had to wear a cardigan while in my office (why are offices never properly climate controlled?!), but I'm grateful for the fact that my office is casual enough to wear an outfit like this. (I mean, no one has told me that I can't wear these jeans or my other pairs with raw hems, haha.)

I have a couple of linen tees from Everlane's previous linen collection (including the one featured here), and they just released some more linen in different styles and colors so you can bet I plan on placing an order or two! I'm trying to decide on the exact styles and colors I want... I have and love this tee in grey, so I'm thinking about buying it in black and olive. I'm also considering this long sleeved tee for cool summer evenings and this dress but am undecided on color! I normally avoid white linen, but I think it could be a nice option for a cover-up (or if I wore the long-sleeved tee over a black bra?). I think the grey stripes are pretty but also pretty sheer, so that could be a good cover-up, too. Ahh! Help! ;)


Everlane tee / exact (review here)
Gap Factory jeans / old; similar by Gap or Old Navy
J.Crew belt / old; similar from Target
Madewell sandals / old; similar
Moorea Seal sunglasses / old; similar by Le Specs
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact