This is spring

Red floral top spring outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Spring outfit with Bobeau cardigan and floral top — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Bobeau button cardigan outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Bobeau asymmetrical cardigan outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Earth Bellwether flats with asymmetrical cardigan — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
How to wear a Bobeau single button cardigan — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

When March rolls around, I'm the first person whining about the cold weather, even though I grew up in the area and studied the weather. I know that cold weather in March isn't unusual, but I always hope that a switch flips and it's immediately spring. I stalk the 7-day weather forecast and count down until it's finally above 50 degrees, then 60 degrees, then 70 degrees. I stare blankly outside if snow comes down in April and blankets the freshly budding trees and flowers. Why is spring never as I imagine it?

Spring, to me, is perfect 60-70 degree temperatures, mostly sunny days (with some showery days, of course), and a light breeze. In reality? Spring is a snowstorm or two (or possibly more, if you live in the midwest or east). Spring is 30s and 40s one week, then 60s and 70s the next week. Spring is days of wet weather with seemingly no end in sight. Spring is crazy windstorms that blow all of the fresh flowers off of the trees. Spring is 80 degrees...maybe 90, if Mother Nature is feeling so cheeky. We remember the 30s and 40s and yearn for 90—if only for a day because we know what summer will bring and we don't want that to come too quickly. ;) 

We are finally getting some of those perfect spring days in the 60s and 70s. The flowers and flowering trees are happy to bask in the warm sunshine, and I'm hoping it doesn't freeze again so they stay pretty for a while. (Even if it does, at least I have a pretty floral tank to wear to remind myself of the season!) Later this week, we'll be nearing 80 degrees for the first time this year. As much as I love warmth, I'm not quite ready for 80. But—this is spring! It's the cold, it's the heat, and it's the "bipolar" temperatures that can drastically change in a matter of hours. It's the snow, rain, wind, and everything in between. We can't have winter and summer without spring and fall!


Bobeau cardigan / old; exact style
Who What Wear for Target top / similar by NYDJ or Old Navy
Madewell jeans / old; similar
Earth flats c/o / exact style (on sale in limited sizes) or similar from Kohl's (last seen here)
Amour Vert earrings / exact
Moorea Seal sunglasses / old; similar by Le Specs
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact