Closet inventory, 3rd edition

Closet inventory, 3rd edition — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Now that it's September, it's time to update my closet inventory! I know that I have been adding more items than I have been ridding of them, so my overall inventory is higher than it was last year. I'm kind of annoyed at myself for adding so many pieces within the past year, but I'm also pretty pleased with the state of my wardrobe right now. I could have gone way more overboard than I did. ;)

TOPS: 102
Sleeveless: 10
Tees (all sleeve lengths): 22
Blouses: 9
Collared button-up shirts: 20
Cardigans: 10
Sweaters: 25
Sweatshirts: 6

Shorts: 7
Skirts: 17
Pants: 6
Jeans: 7


Vests: 3
Blazers: 1
Jackets: 4
Coats: 4

Sandals: 8
Sneakers: 4
Flats: 13
Heels: 2
Boots: 12

The total number of items is 207, up 18 from last year. Eeep! That's more than I was expecting. I do have a few items I still need to list on Poshmark, though. This count doesn't include utilitarian coats (but this year it does include my two pairs of snow boots), lounge/pj clothes, workout clothes, and anything I currently have listed on Poshmark. 

My number of tops increased the most since last year, and it's mostly due to the eight collared button-up shirts I added within the past year. I still haven't worn one of those new shirts so I definitely need to get on that in the next couple of months. I also got rid of a number of bottoms (shorts, pants, and jeans), but I added five new skirts that kept the total number the same as last year. My number of dresses decreased from last year (and in 2014, I actually had 30 dresses, so now I'm at almost half of what I was at two years ago—a testament to the fact that I wear more separates now!).

Last fall and winter, I focused on my jacket and coat collection and ended up adding a jacket and two coats (plus a couple of vests). I also have a few more pairs of shoes this time around even though I've been slowly going through my shoe collection and got rid of some pairs within the past year. I included my two pairs of snow boots in the inventory this year yet only have one more pair than I did last year.

Everlane cashmere sweaters — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Closet inventory, 3rd edition — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

My inventory doesn't include my jewelry or accessories. I currently have 12 pairs of earrings, 15 necklaces, and 11 scarves in my Stylebook app. I also have four hats (two warm-weather and two cool-weather), some tights, and a few belts.

My organization remains basically the same as it was previously. In my closet, I have things organized by type and then by color (though it gets kind of difficult to sort things that are patterned). There's a hanging organizer where I keep my sweaters, and I also have a couple of sweater containers above the hanging garments where I keep my cashmere and wool sweaters. I have a rolling mini dresser thing where I keep lounge wear, t-shirts, pants, jeans, shorts, and pjs. There's a shoe rack at the base of my closet for my nicer shoes, and then my sandals and other shoes are kept in a bin behind the rack or on the shoe rack by the front door. My jewelry is fairly disorganized at the moment; I have two cork boards to put my necklaces on but I've been too lazy to figure out how to organize them, so a lot of them are living on my vanity, haha.

I'm trying to figure out a better storage solution for my growing hat collection. I think they look so cool when they're on the wall like art, but I think it might look too overwhelming in my room since it's fairly small. Right now they lay on top of each other on top of my sweater containers.

Closet inventory, 3rd edition — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Room Essentials 3 Tier Stackable Shoe Rack via Target — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

As always, I like to reflect on my most worn items and items with the best cost-per-wear as shown in my Stylebook app. (It also shows the least worn items and items with the worst cost-per-wear, but those aren't as fun to look at...)

Compared to last year, the top six most worn items are the same six, just in a different order. The app was updated within the past year, so now I can see more items "above the fold" as they say. I'm not surprised about the other items, especially the jewelry, though I imagine that my simple Madewell studs might make the list next year. None of my most worn items are tops, which I find kind of interesting. I definitely like having a variety of tops and because of that, they don't get nearly as much wear as my bottoms. Of the top 25, three are jackets/coats, six are jeans/pants, two are shorts, seven are shoes, three are bags, and four are jewelry (two necklaces, two pairs of earrings).

My items with the best cost-per-wear are also not that different than last year. Of course, there are a lot of pairs of earrings because they're inexpensive compared to other items and get plenty of wear. My Madewell studs made this list even though I just got them because I wear them so much! I think it's pretty impressive that my navy Salt Water sandals are so high on the list. Items on this list that are also on the most worn list include those sandals, the Madewell jeggings, the black crossbody bag, the army green Madewell jacket, the trench coat, the two pairs of shorts (white and light wash denim), the boyfriend jeans, the Kate Spade necklace, and both pairs of earrings (black studs and white drop). There are four tops that made this list, which is pretty cool. Also, every item on the top 25 list has a cost-per-wear below $1! :)

Stylebook: 25 most worn items — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Stylebook: 25 best cost-per-wear — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair