Favorite fall finds from Everlane

Favorite fall finds from Everlane -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

We all know fall is coming. As a style blogger, it seems normal to declare it fall once Labor Day rolls around. I don't agree that it's fall QUITE yet--at least here in Utah (though, yes, we are in meteorological fall). However, that doesn't mean we can't start planning our fall wardrobe refresh!

This fall, I'm hoping to add some luxe basics to freshen things up a bit. One of the first places I look for basics is Everlane, and I think of them especially when I think of luxe basics. They have the best fabrics for such a reasonable price, especially if you're on a tight student budget like I am but still want to look and feel like a million bucks.

I rounded up some of my recent favorites for this post. Of course, I had to include my favorite white v-neck tee (I also have and love the box-cut tee). Both tees go with everything and are what I pick when I don't want to put a lot of effort into what I wear (but still want to look like I did). Tees make excellent layering pieces, of course, and neither one of these is so sheer that they need camisoles underneath unless you prefer wearing them.

Ever since I purchased my cashmere crewneck sweater in rose, I've been wanting to add another to the collection. This dark grey cashmere crew is simply gorgeous and would go with everything (though I have a soft spot in my heart for the blush). For the price, this cashmere is excellent quality. My navy marled crewneck sweatshirt has proved to be an amazing purchase, as I wear it often for lounging around the house when it's cooler. I'd love to add another to the rotation. I originally thought I'd go with the darker grey marled colorway, but I'm kind of obsessed with the light grey marled color (and the white cat hairs wouldn't show up as easily! Win-win).

Other items that caught my eye include the luxe sweater mockneck in emerald green (swoon), the Ryan long-sleeved tee, and the silk round collar shirt. While I'm not fond of how turtlenecks look on me with my broad shoulders and lack of neck, I'm intrigued by mocknecks and feel like they could potentially work for me. Bonus: Even though the sweater is merino wool, it doesn't require dry cleaning. The Ryan tees drape beautifully, but I am a bit wary of rayon because, as I learned the hard way, it shrinks in water. I'd probably buy a size up to account for that. I would LOVE to own a silk shirt from Everlane even though they need to be dry cleaned. How pretty is the navy?! They would make excellent layering shirts in the fall/winter and be perfect alone in the warmer months.

When it comes to sizing, I study the garment measurements provided by Everlane and pick a size based on those (click on "What size am I?" to see the size chart and garment measurements). I usually end up measuring a tee or sweater I already own to figure out the kind of fit I want. I went with an XS in both of my tees because sleeve length wasn't a concern. (My v-neck did shrink a little bit after a wash but it fits better now in my opinion.) In my sweatshirt and cashmere sweater, I opted for size small instead because I wanted some extra sleeve length and a little bit of a slouchy look. The garment measurements are invaluable, and I wish more retailers would provide them!

It is worth checking out the limited product collection for pieces that are almost sold out. Items or colors that appear to be sold out from the regular product page might actually still be available, and that's where you'd go to find out. In addition, I am really excited to see what's coming soon; I especially am interested in the clean edge tees and wool jersey tees. Also, how gorgeous does the Petra backpack look?! It comes out later this week. I almost wish I had an excuse to buy it...!

What are you hoping to add to your closet this fall?

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