August budget

August budget -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Leith Hat (via Nordstrom): $18 (originally $26; paid with Poshmark funds)
Kendra Scott Earrings (via Nordstrom): $36 (originally $52; used gift card on $35)
Halogen Skirt (via Nordstrom): $32 (originally $49)

+ $25 spent on tailoring a dress and a top (paid with Poshmark/PayPal funds)

August Total = $33

$378 ($500 quarterly budget - $122 overspent) - $188 (June) - $133 (July) - $33 (August) = $24

I end this quarter in the positive, but I've decided to not carry it over to the next quarter. This month has been full of unexpected expenses (mostly car-related), so I'm going to be responsible and not spend my entire clothing budget even though I would love to.

This was the month of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases. Even though last year I vowed to not shop the sale again, I decided to go for it after reading Jenna's breakdown of the sale and seeing that the emerald green earrings I missed out on last year were back (albeit in a different style, but it turns out I like the smaller 'Dani' style better than the 'Elle'!). I bought the hat and earrings first, not thinking I'd want anything else...until Kaity shared her budget-friendly finds and included this skirt. I've had a black flared skirt on my list for so long and decided to give this one a shot. Turns out, I love it. (I wish it had pockets, but I'm not going to be too picky. Perhaps I'll find the perfect pocketed one in a few years; that is, if I'll still be wearing flared skirts!)

As far as fall/winter goes, I actually have very few item on my list right now. I hope it stays that way, but it probably won't. Things I want to add include a mineral pendant necklace (trying to decide between amethystcitrine, regular quartz, and a geode slice) and a new chambray shirt (looking at you, Madewell!). I did end up ordering the Madewell shorts I mentioned in my July budget because they were finally at the right price, but they did not fit well at all. I sized down from my normal size because when I tried them on in store, the waist was huge. The new pair fit better in the waist (still not great) but were way too tight on my thighs, especially when I sat down. So, back this pair will go.

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