True Life: I'm a closet maximalist

Why I'm a closet maximalist -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Capsule wardrobes are trending hard lately. Even though I love the idea of them for travel, I realized something about myself after many months of considering trying a capsule wardrobe for everyday: I'm a closet maximalist. And you know what? I'm okay with that.

Having a minimal closet is perfect if you're feeling totally overwhelmed with the number of options in your closet and often feel like you have nothing to wear even though your closet is bursting. Putting together a minimal closet can help you hone your personal style if you're kind of all over the place in terms of the styles you like. They also combat consumerism, as most who have small closets only buy pieces to replace the ones that need to be replaced or fill holes in their wardrobe, and they avoid unnecessary purchases (though I would argue that many of the current popular capsule wardrobe "models" promote consumerism just as much if not more than those who regularly refresh their closets). Many people have found that capsule wardrobes work amazingly well for them, and in some ways I wish I could work with a minimal closet. I like curating my wardrobe, but I also love clothes...and that means I have more than one would consider to be minimal.

Do I absolutely need everything I have in my closet? Well, no. I don't. Do I like everything (or at least, most things) enough to keep them around? Yes. I love having a variety of options. I like playing with different styles even though I basically have nailed down the "core" of my personal style. I have the space for everything I own (even though it looks like a hot mess sometimes!), so a minimal closet is not a necessity. I know that I would get extremely bored if I only had a few of everything to work with. I would not be inspired to blog because I'd feel totally uninspired by my outfits after the first few. Even though I love re-wearing pieces and sometimes take part in short-term remix challenges (as you've probably noticed), I can't see myself at this point in my life wearing the same 30-40 items over and over again. That being said, I do follow some bloggers who do have minimal closets. It's mostly because I like their style, but maybe someday I will decide to try a capsule wardrobe. 

Even though I don't have a minimal closet, I do enjoy the minimal style: simple lines, delicate jewelry, usually greyscale, tends to be on the more androgynous side. I love a great, simple black and white or black, white, and grey look. (Monochrome outfits? DROOL!) I keep my outfits pretty simple, and I do appreciate delicate jewelry (though I'm not ready to give up my statement earrings and necklaces!). I like some influences from the more "masculine" side of fashion, like oxford flats/boots and loafers and collared shirts layered under crewneck sweaters.

Anyway, I wrote this post because I realized it's okay to not have a small closet. It's okay to not follow the trend of minimalism. If you are interested in trying a capsule wardrobe--go for it! But if it doesn't work out, don't feel bad about it. :) I'll be updating my closet inventory in a couple of weeks. I think some of the numbers might be higher than they were last year--oops! Like I said, I love clothes...

What are your thoughts on capsule wardrobes/having a minimal vs. maximal closet?