July budget

July budget -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
  1. J.Crew Shirt (seen here): $37 (originally $79.50)
  2. J.Crew Factory Shorts: $21.50 (originally $49.50)
  3. H&M Dress (unavailable online; seen here): $25.50 (originally $30)
  4. J.Crew Factory Shirt: $27 (originally $64.50; paid with PayPal)
  5. Victoria's Secret Bikini Top: $35 (originally $44.50)
  6. Victoria's Secret Bikini Bottom: $14 (originally $24.50)

July Total = $133

$378 ($500 quarterly budget - $122 overspent) - $188 (June) - $133 (July) = $57 left for August

I did much better this July than I did last July! I'm really glad that I've been buying fewer items lately. I know I'm getting more content with my wardrobe, and my purchases reflect that, I think. August is going to be tough, but I have high hopes that I can stick to my budget (but of course I'll be trying to sell things on eBay and Poshmark like crazy!). 

The striped J.Crew shirt and H&M dress were my favorite purchases of the month. I didn't think I would keep the J.Crew shirt when I ordered it, but I ended up falling in love. It's just so effortless and exactly the vibe I'm going for. The H&M dress is my first shirtdress and the perfect summer dress. I'm so excited to transition both pieces to fall!

I did end up purchasing the green shorts featured in my summer wishlist, but I didn't like how they fit (loose around the waist, tight around the thighs), so I returned those and ordered these from J.Crew Factory. I would have preferred a 4" inseam, but I'm happy with this pair overall. They fit into my wardrobe seamlessly. I also decided to place an order for the navy gingham shirt, one of the pieces I was hoping to add for fall. The price was right, and I'm excited to think about what my fall wardrobe is going to look like (even though it is still hot as hell here).

I really didn't want or plan on buying a new swimsuit, but I misplaced the two suits I wore regularly (one was purchased last April). I'm so bummed about it. I actually haven't worn this suit since I got it, but I have it just in case I'm invited to a pool party, haha. I've been wanting to add a black suit to my collection (which is now very small and sad), so now was as good a time as any. The top is supposedly a push-up but unless I bought a size or two too small and wanted to be uncomfortable, it's not actually a push-up. One thing I realized with VS is that their "push-up" bras/bikini tops are only really push-ups if you're in the wrong size.

Looking ahead to August, I'll likely be adding at least one Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchase to my wardrobe and possibly more. I plan to think some more about what I want to add to my fall wardrobe and hopefully not find anything perfect until September, when my budget resets for the new quarter. I've been eyeing a few items at Uniqlo recently (so many good pieces), and there's a pair of shorts at Madewell I've wanted to be reduced in price for MONTHS so maybe next month will be the month it happens. We'll see!

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