Caturday: Favorite toys

Happy Caturday, friends! I thought that I'd share my cats' favorite toys today. All three of my cats appreciate the simpler toys; it's no use spending a lot of money on flashy, expensive cat toys. A simple hair tie found on the ground, dice on the table, or a tube of chapstick left on the counter works wonders...! (Ha. Ha.) Other than whatever they can find around the house, here are their favorite toys that are actually geared towards cats (not including scratchers). 


Cat Dancer Interactive Cat Toy (currently $2 on Amazon)

I can't believe how much they love this toy--and it is so inexpensive! It's basically just rolled up cardboard on the end of a wire. I drag it across the floor or fly it above their heads and they love chasing it/trying to catch it. The reviews on this item are great; everyone talks about how they bought really fancy toys and how their cats like this toy the best, haha! I would definitely recommend this toy if your cat doesn't respond to other toys. This toy is also good if you want to bond with your cat (since you're the one handling it); the other toys I have listed are ones they play with by themselves.


Yeowww Catnip Toys (cigar, currently $6; banana, currently $8)

Of course, the girls LOVE catnip. The best catnip I've found is that in the Yeowww catnip toys. My cats have a cigar and a banana, though the cigar is newer so of course they prefer that one. (It's probably almost time to throw out the banana...) My parents have a dynamite stick toy and it's pretty funny to see the cats play with that one. I've also found silly catnip toys on Etsy that they enjoy if one of them is already playing with the Yeowww catnip. Really, any catnip will do, haha. Sometimes I get Mel's attention and toss a toy for her to "fetch". She runs after it and immediately goes after it. I don't think I could ever teach her to bring it back, though...


Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher (currently $13 on Amazon)

I know I said this list didn't include scratchers, but this toy is clearly more than just that! My mom ordered this toy for the cats. I honestly didn't think they'd get into it that much (save for the cardboard scratching part, of which Rosie is always a fan), but they REALLY like it! Rosie plays with it the most and Mel plays sometimes. Rosie really gets into it; it's so funny to watch. I ended up ordering one for my parents' cats, and one of their three likes it a lot, too. (Another one of their cats just prefers the cardboard replacements, lol.) The only downside to this toy is the fact that they (mostly Rosie) rip apart the cardboard more easily than regular cardboard scratchers and it needs replacing more often.

Rubber wristbands (grab them when you see them at events!)

Rosie also likes playing with rubber wristbands--you know, the "Livestrong" bracelets and others that people/brands make for promo. I suppose they aren't technically geared towards cats, but anyway... I have a huge collection now since I always grab them when I see them sitting out. She'll chase them and pick them up with her mouth and carry them around. It's so cute! She doesn't play with them as much anymore now that she has these other toys but they were definitely her top pick before. Once she breaks a wristband, though, it's game over. I don't know why she prefers them unbroken and circular but she definitely does prefer them like that, haha. Silly cat. :)

I hope you all have a great weekend! xo