Caturday: Cat quirks

Happy Caturday! :) I haven't done a Caturday post in a couple of months. Not a whole lot has been happening in our cat's world (besides the fact that we moved last weekend and the fact that we're trying to figure out what's triggering Rosie to overgroom her belly). They're pretty happy, laid back little girls who love to cause trouble--as usual. ;)

Today, I wanted to share the quirks of each of our cats. It blows my mind how different their personalities are (and how different every cat's personality is, really).

The Rosie Method of Drinking Water from the Faucet -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Rosie Method of Drinking Water from the Faucet

Rosie was first introduced to the wonders of the faucet at my parents' old house, which had a vegetable sink in the island and the perfect faucet for cats. She started drinking out of it by letting the water drip onto her head and furiously licking it as it dripped off of the top of her head or her cheeks. Sometimes Rosie lets it drip onto her paw and licks it off from there. She is slowly getting the hang of drinking out of a faucet now that's she's done it for a few years, but still sometimes drinks it her special way--and manages to get water everywhere in the process. 

How to Sleep like a Melody -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

How to Sleep like a Melody

Melody takes cat napping to whole new level. She contorts herself in ways that don't look the least bit comfortable, but she'll lay there as long as she's not bothered (or until it's time to eat). Sometimes I see her sleeping on top of the couch, her head completely hidden behind a pillow or falling off the side. She must have quite the heavy head. ;) When she's not contorted, she looks like any regular sleeping cat--either with her head on her paws or wrapped into a tight ball. So sweet!

The Sybil Way of Life -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

The Sybil Way of Life

Oh, Sybil. How can I even begin to describe Sybil's quirk? Her entire personality is quirky and silly. Because of that, we call her "Derp." (I just looked up the "correct" definition of derp, and now I feel bad for calling her that because she's not stupid--just silly and sometimes dumb.) She does a funny thing with her head when she gets riled up, she walks sideways when she's feeling feisty around her sisters, she lays/sleeps on the oddest objects, and she sometimes Parkours around the house. I'll try to sneak up to her to pick her up, and she looks like she'll wait there nicely for me--and then suddenly takes off in the other direction. Sybil is the cat version of the 0 to 60 mph. She is such a sweet kitty, though, and totally lights up our lives!