What to buy from HauteLook

I've had credit sitting in my HauteLook account since the debacle I had with a pair of shoes I ordered last year. I cannot decide what to buy with it (mostly because it's only $16) even though HauteLook--and Nordstrom Rack, since I can use my credit there now, too--carries so many products that change daily.

If you've never heard of HauteLook before, it's basically just a flash sale site, and it's owned by Nordstrom (you need to have an account to access the website; here's my referral link if you don't have an account and want to make one!). While they share which events are coming up a few days ahead of time, you won't actually know what products are available until the events go live (at 8 am Pacific time, though they also have some home-related events that go live at 1 pm Pacific time). It takes a few days to up to a few weeks for items to ship, as HauteLook tells the retailer how much is purchased and then the retailer sends it over to them. (Shipping time varies depending on the item/brand and is always noted on the product page.) For some brands, I realized that these flash sales really aren't that great, but sometimes they have great deals on more higher-end or designer items. Shipping is free if you spend at least $100, but the best part now is that now you can make HauteLook returns at Nordstrom Rack stores! That would have saved me a lot of money a couple of years ago when I made some poor purchasing decisions.

Anyway, like I said, I'm trying to figure out what to buy with my credit, so I made a cute collage of items that HauteLook/Nordstrom Rack sells that I think could be worth the price. (Note that links are to Nordstrom Rack since HauteLook requires a login, and I don't want to force you to make an account.)

What to buy from HauteLook / Nordstrom Rack -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

trendy outerwear: Cullen cape / Eileen Fisher vest
premium denim: Joe's Jeans skinny jeans / MOTHER boyfriend jeans
investment shoes: Arturo Chiang boots / Charles by Charles David pumps
leather handbags: Vince Camuto wristlet / Cole Haan satchel
holiday goodies: Mark Roberts Santa / Sixtrees sign

I've been wanting to try the cape and utility vest trends, and I love the look of this cape and this vest. If I knew a cape and/or vest would become staples in my wardrobe, I'd definitely spring for these beauties. To go along with those? Premium denim, of course. While I'm loyal to Madewell's denim, I've been wanting to try some premium denim since I've heard such good things. Last year, I ordered and returned a pair of Hudson 'Nico' skinny jeans because they didn't fit well, but I didn't do an exchange because I didn't have the budget at the time. Earlier this year, I tried a pair of Current/Elliott 'The Stiletto' skinny jeans but ended up not wanting to spend the money on them. HauteLook or Nordstrom Rack would be an excellent place to pick a pair up at a reasonable price. These skinny jeans look promising, and it would be nice to add another pair of boyfriend jeans.

Even though no article of clothing is truly an "investment", I like to think of items that are made to last and timeless as investment pieces. These shoes fit the bill. Lately, I've been considering adding a pair of tall black leather boots to my arsenal. I love my chocolate brown tall boots, but I often wish I had a black pair for certain looks. I like the relatively simple design of this pair of black boots. My old black pumps from Payless could use an upgrade, and I love the simple look and low-ish heel of this pair. I also tend to consider handbags as investment pieces (save for the occasion fun bag, like my white bucket bag purchased earlier this year). While I enjoy only having a few bags to choose from, I like the idea of adding a small wristlet when I don't want to haul around a bunch of things (and the crossbody is an added bonus). I also keep coming back to the site to look at this red mini satchel. What do you think of the crocodile embossing on the sides? Too much or just right? I have to say that I am very tempted even though it seems like it might not be able to hold a lot according to the dimensions. (There's a larger version available, but the red color sold out. The "sequoia" color is gorgeous, though!)

Bonus! I thought it would be fun to through in some non-clothing-related items into the mix. How cute are these Christmas goodies?! They would be perfect pieces to spice up a shelf for the holidays. This Santa figurine is adorable, and I love vintage-inspired signs like this one (which would totally go with my parents' decor, ha!). When all else fails, perhaps I could just use the credit on a gift for a friend or family member. The holidays are going to be here before we know it! (I mean, Halloween is only 10 days away! Ahhh!)

Do you shop at HauteLook/Nordstrom Rack? What do you think are the best buys?