Girly girl


Two outfits ago, I loosely interpreted the look of an angsty teenager in my black clothing and dirty Converse. Two days after I wore that outfit, I wore this ensemble and felt like the ultimate girly girl in my statement earrings, crocheted top, bright skirt, and jeweled sandals. While I never considered myself much of a "Lilly girl", this top was my #1 pick from the Lilly for Target collaboration, and I absolutely adore it!

I was one of the crazy ones who stayed up a bit on the night before the Lilly for Target launch to watch the madness ensue online, and I also convinced Chris to tag along with me to Target before the store opened the next morning (he has a Red could I not try?!). We ended up being a little less than 10 minutes early and were ~10th-15th in line. By some miracle I was able to snag this top (as well as a pair of shorts and the pineapple serving dish) without issue. Chris was a great wingman and knew exactly what I was going for before we stepped foot inside. (The dish wasn't exactly on the list I shared with him, but I had eyed it on the website earlier and once I was in store, I had to have it!) I'm glad the trip was worth it because I don't wake up early for just anything, haha. ;) I feel very lucky to have been able to snag what I wanted (minus being able to try on one of the shift dresses) considering the horror stories I heard in other parts of the country.


Lilly Pulitzer for Target top (sold out online but check stores for returns; don't buy on eBay for inflated prices; similar by Alythea) / Madewell skirt (old; similar from ASOS; last seen here) / Target sandals / LOFT earrings (last seen here)