Three ways to wear a blanket scarf

I know there are countless blog posts that suggest how one should wear a blanket scarf. I wasn't planning on writing a post like this because of that, but I did get a request for a how-to after the first time I wore my blanket scarf...and now that I've worn it a couple more times, I thought I'd explain each way I've worn my blanket scarf. Two of the looks are pretty self-explanatory, and I did throw in a couple more resources in case you're interested in more ways to wear a blanket scarf. So, let's get to it!


Scarf beard/bib/neck wrap: I like to call this a scarf beard, my boyfriend calls it a bib, and the only other way I thought to call it was a neck wrap; take your pick! This method is a little more involved than the other two methods, but it doesn't take long to do--trust me. Start with a square scarf (if your scarf is rectangular, try to fold it into a square first). Fold it half diagonally so it becomes a triangle. Wrap each end around opposite sides of your neck so that the main point of the triangle is below your chin. Make sure each end is wrapped around your neck, and then take the ends and loosely tie them under the main point of the triangle so you can't see them. Finish by fluffing and rearranging the scarf as necessary. It will look ridiculously giant, but own it! It will keep your neck so warm. You can also wear a modified scarf beard and leave the ends untied, as Joelle wore hers.

Draped over the shoulders: This method is only very slightly more difficult than the final method I'm sharing. I created this look by basically grabbing my scarf off of the floor, making sure I had it bunched in a way that it was long and skinny, and draped it over my shoulders. You can also think about it like this: Make a triangle out of a square scarf as you would above, but then "wring" it together to make a long scarf thing and drape it over your shoulders. If you want a neater look, just make nice, even folds, as Liz did with her blanket scarf.

Poncho: So easy, I hardly need to explain this to you. Create your triangle from your square scarf, then drape it so the main point of the triangle is against your back and the two ends are over your arms. This method kept me surprisingly warm, though I will admit that it's awkward to wear a coat over a poncho scarf, so this method is probably best for the warmer winter days.

Let me know if you need any clarifications and I'll try my best to explain more thoroughly! Other ways to wear a blanket scarf include belted and knotted. (I tend to tie regular scarves more "fancy", such as with criss-crosses; blanket scarves seem to look best when you really embrace the blanket aspect of them and try not to manipulate/fold the scarf too much.) Stay warm, friends! :)

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