Caturday: Sybil's 3rd birthday!

It just so happens that all three of my cats' birthdays fell on a Saturday this year! Might as well do a Caturday post on each of their birthdays, right?! :) Sybil is the last of the three to celebrate her birthday every year, and this is only the second birthday we've had with her because we adopted her September 2013.


Sybil lived in the shelter/rescue system for a little over the year before I saw her one afternoon in Petco (I pretty much never go into Petco anymore because I would adopt all the cats). I broke down when I got home because I felt terrible for her; how awful that she's had to live a year of her life in a cage! After talking about it and sleeping on it, Chris and I drove back to Petco the next day to adopt her...only, she wasn't there--one of the store employees had just taken her home for a couple of days so she could get out of the cage. Luckily, he brought her back as soon as we called so we got to take her home that night. I felt bad that he had just taken her home and also bought toys and treats for her! (He gave us the toys and treats he had purchased--so nice!)


Sybil spent almost a couple of weeks after we adopted her in the spare/office room so the cats could get used to each other. I'm not sure how well it worked because they still only tolerate each other and sometimes get into little tiffs every once in a while. It made me feel better to do a "proper" introduction, though, since there were now three female cats in the house--all of which had big, dominant personalities. Sybil is quite feisty, probably because she is a calico!


We named her after the late Lady Sybil Branson (Crawley) of Downton Abbey. (The name ended up fitting her because she often lays withs her paws crossed like a lady!) I have many nicknames for her, though, of course... We call her "Derp" or "Derpy" a lot because she likes to run sideways, do Parkour on the furniture, and flip her head around. We've lately started calling her "Syblur" because of the photo I took of her running towards a mouse toy where she's just a giant blur (below). She also sometimes lays on the floor or on her scratcher (her favorite lounging spot) and looks like a loaf of bread, so I like to call her "Sybil Loaf" or just "Loaf".


Even though we've only had her for a little over a year, Sybil is our most famous kitty. She was recently featured on ModCloth's Instagram. I also entered a photo of her (the second one from the top of this post) in a calendar contest hosted by a humane society, and although she wasn't a monthly model winner, they shared it as a cover photo! Everyone thought she was so pretty. We have to agree, of course! Here's to many more years with our baby girl, Sybil! <3