Proportion play


Something about this outfit didn't sit right with me as I was looking through the photos. I went the whole day thinking I looked different than I actually did; does that ever happen to you? It happens to me a lot because I often don't have time to look over my entire outfit in the mirror before dashing out to catch the bus. Then, later, I come home and gasp when I see how I actually looked. Haha. Anyway, I realized with this outfit that my shirt is much longer on me than I thought it was considering it is called the "crop tee" (short waists for the loss!), and the billowing skirt from under it kind of gives off a pregnancy vibe (yikes!). I did consider tying the tee but that wasn't part of my original plan with this outfit, so I went without. I definitely need a tie to give me a waist, I think... I could have not shared this outfit, but why not share it? Sometimes outfit don't work out as planned and I'm using this as a learning opportunity. Plus, sometimes it's fun to play around with proportion a bit, even if it was unexpected!


Madewell tee / ModCloth dress (similar; last seen here) / J.Crew flats / unknown necklace (old)