You got to shake it off


I can't stop, won't stop listening to Shake It Off. It's just not going to happen in the foreseeable future, and I'm okay with that! It has me dancing in my chair while I'm at work staring at my computer screen, trying to decipher what my results are telling me. It kind of rejuvenated me, in a way. I have only a couple of months to whip out a thesis and defend my work; on one hand, I'm absolutely terrified, but thanks to Taylor, I'm also doing a better job of "shaking off" the anxiety and getting things done. So, thanks, Tay. ;) You're the best.

Sorry guys. I really just love her. I apologize in advance for how much fangirling is going to happen when her album is released in late October. My outfit doesn't really have anything to do with the song, so that's good? Ha. I've been wanting to wear my white dress again, but I wanted to mix it up and layer a collared top over it! Also, I realize how much I've been wearing these sandals. They just go with everything! I can't wait to make outfits with my black sandals, though--they finally arrived! Just in time for about a month of summer left. Better late(r) than never!


LOFT shirt (last seen here) / Max and Cleo dress via ModCloth (last seen here) / Forever 21 earrings / Madewell sandals

Title lyrics & currently playing: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift