The lighter side


Light blue, white, and navy. Those are three of my favorite colors and one of my favorite color combinations. Do you ever find yourself trying to buy new pieces in different colors because "you have enough tops in [insert color here]" only to not wear them as often as you think you should? That's me when it comes to blue. I've finally given in and decided to buy blue whenever I please. I wear it a LOT and I know pieces won't sit in my closet if they're a shade of blue (unless the fit is poor, which has been known to happen and is now something I'm determined to avoid!).

Also, I've been trying to not wear my sunglasses in my outfit photos as often, but I always forget to take them off! I mean, I guess these photos do accurately portray real life. Not only do I wear the outfits I post, I'm always wearing my sunglasses unless it's dark outside. I get so annoyed with myself when I forget them (which happens often in the winter) because bright sunlight hurts my eyes so much! (Plus, I'm trying to avoid the whole wrinkle thing for as long as possible!) I've decided I should probably pick up another pair or two to mix it up every once in a while.


LOFT shirt (on sale!) / Gap shorts (on sale!) / ModCloth flats (last seen here) and sunglasses