July budget

  1. Uniqlo Top: $6 (originally $13)
  2. Uniqlo Top (seen here): $6 (originally $13)
  3. Uniqlo Leggings: $15
  4. Uniqlo Skirt: $30
  5. J.Crew Factory Top: $18 (originally $42.50) *
  6. J.Crew Factory Top: $2 (originally $56.50; on promo + used a gift card) *
  7. Madewell Skirt: $47 (originally $88) *
  8. Madewell Tee: $18 (originally $39.50)
  9. Madewell Tee: $9.50 (originally $35; on promo + used a gift card) *
  10. Madewell Tee (seen here): $21 (originally $42)
  11. Anthropologie Top: $60 (originally $128)
  12. Banana Republic Factory Earrings (seen here): $13 (originally $30)
  13. Carrini Flats (via Hautelook): $6 (originally $40; used $10 store credit)
  14. Kate Spade Necklace (via Nordstrom): $41 (originally $58)
  15. Forever 21 Cami: $2 *

* The cost of these items was covered by PayPal funds thanks to eBay sales.

July Total = $216

$500 (quarterly budget) - $249 (June) - $216 (July) = $35 left for August

Even though I'm under budget, I'm not proud of my spending this month. I didn't include a couple of purchases because I'm mulling over them (I just received them), so the numbers above don't look that bad, but I'm about $160 over if I end up keeping everything I ordered this month. I'm having a difficult time because my need/want (mostly need, of course) list is quite long, and if I see something that satisfies something on my list at a good price, I get it even if I know I shouldn't because I'm trying to budget. It's hard for me to spread out my purchasing, especially if there's an amazing sale going on and if many things on my list are part of the sale. I'm hoping that eventually my list won't be so long...haha. To top it off, I didn't sell as much on eBay as I was hoping to. It was a sad month. August is going to be difficult for me!

Anyway, let's discuss what I purchased! I placed a Uniqlo order at the end of June, and I purchased enough to get free shipping, though I picked things that were on my list. I could have waited on the leggings because it feels nothing like winter outside yet, and I wish I would have waited on the skirt because it went on sale (no price adjustments--boo), but I'm quite pleased with everything (especially the tank tops!). I placed a giant J.Crew Factory order expecting to keep two items, but I decided to only keep the striped top. I must admit that the second JCF top I saw on Instagram and immediately needed it (haha), so I placed an order. It ended up working out since I had a gift card from an old return and some PayPal funds to cover the last couple of dollars.

I took advantage of three Madewell promos, and I love everything. I also purchased a jacket that I haven't made a decision on yet, but it'll be in next month's budget post if I end up keeping it. I've written a lot about how much I love linen tees, so picking up two during Madewell's sale-on-sale promos was an easy decision. The crop tee I actually purchased at full price, and the next day it went on promo so I got a price adjustment. I wore it the day after I got it and am in LOVE with it! I can't wait to show it to you guys.

As far as my Anthro purchase goes, I've been obsessed with this top for weeks, so when it was on sale I snatched it up and later got a price adjustment when they had their sale-on-sale earlier in the month. It's HUGE, but in a good way, and I'm planning on featuring it on the blog here soon!

Most of you know that I was in New Hampshire earlier this month. There's no sales tax in NH, so I was hoping to make some purchases at the outlet mall. All I found were these gorgeous earrings from Banana Republic Factory. I was hoping to find the red striped top from J.Crew Factory, but they were all out of my size. I'm trying not to dwell on the fact that I could have gotten it for $6 if it was available. (Grrrr.)

I placed a Hautelook order for the leopard d'Orsay flats and also a pair of Hudson jeans. The jeans I returned; I want to try a different size, and the price was a little too high at $90. I've had leopard flats on my list for years, so I was excited to snatch these for so little. They're cheap flats so if they only last through a couple of seasons, I'll be okay. If I end up loving them in my wardrobe, I'll invest in a nicer pair.

Of course, I took advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and grabbed this pretty Kate Spade necklace! I also purchased a sweater and handbag but am still making a decision about those. There's so much more I want to order, though. I had to cut myself off. The first order I placed was actually less than an hour after it opened, and sadly, my order was cancelled a few days later. It was for emerald green Kendra Scott earrings, and I was so looking forward to them! Ah well.

If you read my novel, thank you! :) How'd you do this month?

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