Caturday: Life lately

Life with my three cats has been crazy as usual. They still only tolerate each other, though I have seen Melody and Sybil bump noses a few times. (Next step, cuddling?? Maybe? Please?!) Other than that, they still have their own personal bubbles and have no problems throwing paws when the others get too close. All three of them have gotten scratched right across the nose!


Melody is usually the naughtiest one; she is SO sweet, but she's the one that scratches on pretty much anything and jumps on the counter and knocks things off. I have double-sided tape on all of the fabric furniture and the stairs to keep her from scratching on them. (She is such a brat; there's a scratcher right below the stairs that I know she uses so I don't know why the stairs entice her!)

Lately, though, all of the cats have been pretty naughty. I've caught Rosie and Sybil on the counter multiple times (I kicked Rosie off the counter three times last night!). I made the mistake of turning on the bathroom faucet for Rosie once and now she's always on the counter when I get ready, waiting for me to turn on the faucet. I think that might be part of the reason why she gets on the kitchen counter, but Sybil? I have no idea what's getting into them! It was a full moon last week so maybe that's where all the crazy stems from, haha.


Living with three cats means there's cat hair everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It's on every single thing and floating in the air at all times. I don't even want to say how much cat hair I think I've swallowed. We are always dehairing our clothes and the couch and chairs. We try to keep up with brushing them, but they aren't a huge fan of the Furminator. (I won't use any other brush on them because it does such a good job. I highly recommend them, but don't pay retail; I got mine on ebay for less than half of what they retail for!)

Chris and I got a new vacuum today, and let me tell you: That thing sucks! It sucks up SO. MUCH. HAIR. I knew our other vacuum didn't do that great of a job, but oh my gosh... What showed up in the canister disgusted me. It feels nice knowing that our house is so much cleaner now, though. If only the cats would let me vacuum them! ;)


(I laughed so hard when I saw Melody and Rosie sitting on the window seat; they looked like owls!)

All of these photos are from Instagram! Feel free to follow me if you want to see more cat photos! :)