March budget

Today marks the end of March and the end of my first month participating in Budgeting Bloggers hosted by Franish. I both love and hate keeping track of my purchases. This month has been especially bad for me, but I realized it's because my spring wardrobe is majorly lacking. I have a really good winter wardrobe, and plenty of goodies in my summer wardrobe, but I don't have a lot of transitional pieces. That's basically all of what I bought this past month. The total looks terrible, but I'm confident that I can get through April and May without going over my total budget. I guess we'll see! (Maybe summer will come early and help me out a bit.)

  1. J.Crew Factory Skirt: $16 (after store credit from a return; originally $59.50)
  2. J.Crew Factory Shirt: $32 (originally $59.50)

February Total = $48

(Note: All prices include applicable taxes.)

These are the items I picked up in February. I was on a no-buy ("No Fashion February"), but that ended the weekend of J.Crew Factory's 50% off everything sale. Thus, these items are part of my March-April-May budget. I've had a black mini skirt on my list for a while, so naturally, I picked this one up (after trying it on, of course)!

  1. Madewell Boots: $143 (originally $228)
  2. J.Crew Sweater: $25 (originally $79.50)
  3. Anthropologie Dress: $75 (originally $138)
  4. H&M Top: $19 (mine has red stripes; seen here)
  5. Sole Society Flats (via Hautelook): $48 (originally $60)
  6. Gap Outlet Jeans (in store): $28 (originally $60)
  7. Forever 21 Belt (in store): $3
  8. Gap Sweater (in store): $19 (originally $50)
  9. Francesca's Top (in store): $21 (originally $35)

March Total = $381 // February + March = $429 // $500 - $429 = $71 left for April and May

My biggest purchase this month were my beautiful Madewell boots, which I drooled over in this post (back when they were sold out in my size). They restocked my size, went on sale and with an additional percentage off, they were finally at a price I was comfortable with, so I snatched them up! I originally purchased them with PayPal funds, but they were backordered, so I did a "store search" and ended up getting them from a store in New York. Unfortunately, store searches require a card, so my budget took a huge hit from them. They were worth it though. I absolutely love them!

My other purchases were of good basics: tops, light sweaters, and boyfriend jeans. I've been looking for a red striped tee for well over a year (yeah, they were that hard to find). The Anthropologie dress was almost an impulse buy. I had tried it on in store and loved it, so when it went on sale, I got it! It's the perfect little navy dress. I haven't worn it yet, so I'm going to see if it gets a second cut and take advantage of Anthro's generous return policy.

  1. ModCloth Top: $34 (originally $38)
  2. ModCloth Sandals: $31.50 (originally $35)
  3. Madewell Skirt: $33 (originally $68)
  4. Madewell Jeans: $49 (originally $98.50)

PayPal purchases don't count towards my budget because it's money I earned from selling my older clothes and things on Ebay. This month, I picked up a couple of goodies from ModCloth and Madewell. I currently don't have the sandals as my pair was defective, but hopefully I'll get my new pair later this week. If the new pair is defective again, I'll return them. I have a two-strike policy. (Ain't nobody got time for that!) I've been wearing my one pair of Madewell jeans so much that I decided to pick up another pair since they were on sale. I'm officially a Madewell denim addict. Is there a group for Madewell denim addicts?

I'm hoping my 30-day remix challenge, which starts tomorrow, will keep me inspired and not wanting new things. Or, maybe it'll backfire on me and I'll get fed up with my wardrobe. (Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.) I hope you follow along and maybe even join the fun! Be sure to check out the other budgeting bloggers linked up with Franish!