Meet Kimi

Hello and welcome to my blog, Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair! I love sharing my personal style, life with my three cats, travel, and time in grad school. I first started blogging at a WordPress blog named Twenty-Something Simple.

I'm a—you guessed it—twenty-something and Utah transplant currently working on a PhD in atmospheric sciences. I love weather and taking pictures of cool clouds. Potatoes are my favorite food ever because there are so many ways to eat them. I'm a mom to three female cats, Rosie, Melody, and Sybil. Rosie is mine, Melody is my roommate, Chris's, cat, and Sybil is the cat we adopted together. I love traveling and try to do as much as possible on my grad student salary. I'm a huge fan of Taylor Swift. My favorite colors to wear are grey and blue—sometimes together—and my favorite pattern to wear is stripes, of course. It's so nice to meet you! :)