Review of the MightyNest MightyFix monthly subscription: part 4 of 4

Review of the MightyNest MightyFix monthly subscription of green home products — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I’m at the end of my annual MightyFix subscription! A year ago, I used a coupon code I found on another blog to sign up on the MightyNest website, and since then, I’ve been receiving sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to common home and wellness products every month. (My first review was shared last September, second review last December, and third review in March.) The MightyFix by MightyNest is an excellent way to be introduced to new products and slowly transition to a greener, healthier lifestyle. (I’m still very much a work-in-progress when it comes to my lower waste goals.)

The subscription increased in price to $11 per month (formerly $10 per month) in order to cover the cost of using eco-friendly shipping materials—$132 annually if not prepaid. I paid $99 with the coupon code, making it $8.25 per month. As a member, you also get discounts on most products, and if you want to buy anything from the site, it ships free with your Fix. After much deliberation, I decided to renew my annual subscription, which is offered for a reduced price of $114 if it’s prepaid. That makes each fix $9.50, an increase of $1.25 each over my first annual subscription. The majority of the products I received this past year would still be well worth the price at $9.50 each. I’m excited to see what I receive over the next year! (I won’t be writing any more formal review posts, though. If I receive any amazing products I’ll likely mention them in general round-up type posts!)

I can invite three people per month to receive a free month of the MightyFix monthly subscription, so let me know via email if you’d like an invite (cottoncashmerecathair (at) gmail (dot) com)! If you email me in June, let me know which of the three products below is your favorite and I’ll select that item for you to receive. Note that MightyNest did not pay me or ask me to write this post, and I paid for the subscription myself.

MightyFix All Good Goop healing balm — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

All Good Goop Healing Balm (March 2019)

This all-purpose balm is perfect to use on minor cuts and scrapes, dry skin, and other skin irritations like bug bites and sunburn. It features an organic formula of essential oils and medicinal plants that is free of petroleum, parabens, GMOs, gluten, and synthetic ingredients. The 2 ounce size is perfect for travel.

I first used this balm on a couple of cat scratches (such is my life) but didn’t notice much of any change. Now that I think about it, I probably didn’t use it enough days in a row! This product is very highly-rated, especially for use on diaper rash and dry skin. After reading some of the reviews, I’m going to try it on body acne to see if it helps that at all! (My skin has been freaking out a little bit since getting my IUD a couple of years ago.)

Regular price: $13.99 / Member price: $12.59 / I paid: $8.25

MightyFix Cose Nuove Swedish dishcloths — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Cose Nuove Swedish Dishcloths (April 2019)

These Swedish dishcloths are made of cellulose and cotton fabric, are incredibly absorbent (up to 15x their weight), and claim to leave no streaks on surfaces. They’re a natural alternative to disposable sponges and paper towels. They can be machine washed (and air dried) and will last for 9-12 months if cared for properly. At the end of their life, they are compostable and biodegradable.

I already own a set of “unpaper” towels, which are basically just reusable towels, and received a set of Tidy dish cloths in a previous Fix, and those have already dramatically reduced my dependency on paper towels. I’m thrilled to have another option, though! You can never have too many towel or sponge alternatives. I love that they are compostable since we have curbside compost pickup here. The designs are super cute, too. ;) (I received blue circles and green leaves.)

Regular price (each): $5.99 / Member price (each): $5.59 / I paid (for two): $8.25

MightyFix RSVP Endurance stainless steel straws and EcoJarz stainless steel straw cleaner — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Straws (& EcoJarz Stainless Steel Straw Cleaner) (May 2019)

These stainless steel straws are made from high-quality, medical-grade stainless steel. I received a set of bent straws, but they straight straws are also available (that are slightly wider for thicker drinks). They are dishwasher safe! It is suggested to rinse the straws out first before putting them in the dishwasher. The straw cleaner was also included as part of my Fix, which was a nice touch.

I was thrilled to receive this Fix! I’ve been wanting to get some reusable straws, and these are a great starting place. (I’m also curious about glass straws.) The only thing that makes me nervous is cleaning them! I appreciate that these can go in the dishwasher, but I want to make sure they won’t fall through any holes…haha. I also need to remember to bring them with me in order to actually use them when out and about. That always seems to be a big hurdle for me.

Regular price: $10.99 (+ $1.99 for the cleaner) / Member price: $9.89 / I paid: $8.25

Review of the MightyNest MightyFix monthly subscription: part 3 of 4

Review of the MightyNest MightyFix monthly subscription of green home products — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I signed up for a year-long monthly subscription of MightyFix by MightyNest in June of last year, so I only have one more review post left after this one! You may have caught my first review (shared in September) or second review (shared in December). Every month, I receive a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to a common home product. The subscription costs $10 per month—$120 annually, unless you find a coupon code (check for special offers!). I paid $99 instead of $120, making it $8.25 per month. As a member, you also get discounts on most products, and if you want to buy anything from the site, it ships free with your Fix.

MightyFix is such a simple way to introduce new products into your home, especially if you’re like me and tend to feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of “green” products available on the market. I’ve really enjoyed being introduced to all of these new products over the past nine months and look forward to what’s to come. There have only been a couple things that I haven’t used or that I don’t think I will end up using, but on the flip side, there are a bunch of products I’ve received that I’ve used nonstop and recommend to my friends and family!

I can invite three people per month to receive a free month of the MightyFix monthly subscription, so let me know via email if you’d like an invite (cottoncashmerecathair (at) gmail (dot) com)! If you email me in December, let me know which of the three products below is your favorite and I’ll select that item for you to receive. Note that MightyNest did not pay me or ask me to write this post.

MightyFix LunchSkins reusable sandwich bag set — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

LunchSkins Reusable Sandwich Bag Set (December 2018)

The LunchSkins bags replace the single-used plastic baggies commonly used for lunches (I bet that’s what inspired the name, ha ;)). They feature quick-drying and food-safe fabric, a moisture-proof liner, and flap with velcro closure for security. They are dishwasher safe in the top rack or machine-washable in cold water but need to be air dried.

Like the Stasher silicone bag I received in my first Fix back in June, I think the sandwich-sized bag will work great for toting part of my breakfast (cinnamon bread slices) to work. (Admittedly, I haven’t used the LunchSkins sandwich bag yet; I still use my Stasher bag daily!) Both the larger and smaller bags are great options for toting any random snacks. Sometimes I want to bring cookies or other smaller baked goods to work but hate pulling out plastic baggies for them so these will be perfect! I’m excited about these bags.

Regular price: $11.99 / Member price: $10 / I paid: $8.25

MightyFix To-Go Ware bamboo RePEaT utensil set — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

To-Go Ware Bamboo RePEaT Utensil Set (January 2019)

This reusable flatware (knife, fork, and spoon) and chopstick set is made of bamboo, and the fabric carrier is made from recycled PET plastic (hence the RePEaT) which is commonly used in those difficult-to-recycle crinkly water bottles and hinged-lid produce containers. The sets are ethically and sustainably made in China. I received the set with the MightyNest holder but there are sets available in other solid colors.

To be honest, I wasn’t particularly thrilled about receiving this set. When I bring my lunch from home, I bring our regular silverware, and when I go out buy food to take home, I’ve started refusing the plastic silverware offered because I can just use our silverware at home. I like that this set includes a set of chopsticks, but I rarely use chopsticks as it is because I’m terrible at using them! I also don’t think the flatware is particularly useful; the knife is likely too weak to cut things, the fork has wide prongs, and the spoon is pretty flat. I’m not sure that I’ll use this set so I may pass it on to a friend or donate it.

Regular price: $12.99 / Member price: $11.04 / I paid: $8.25

MightyFix Flip & Tumble reusable produce bags — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Flip & Tumble Reusable Produce Bags (February 2019)

These lightweight, machine-washable bags are perfect to carry produce instead of the plastic bags at the grocery store. They’re able to hold a large quantity of produce (or really any other items, like dirty laundry while traveling) due to their large size (12” x 14”). The mesh makes it easy to see what’s inside, and a drawstring tie keeps everything contained. Plus, they’re made ethically in China.

I actually didn’t really need these since I ordered a few lightweight and reusable produce bags last year from the kootsac Etsy store, but more can’t hurt (plus I might use these for the aforementioned dirty laundry while traveling). I always forget to bring the bags I do have along to the store with me, though! I’m scheming up ways to get myself to remember to bring them along. I’ve loved them the few times I have remembered; I’ve used them the most for bulk nuts. They’d be a great companion at the farmer’s market, too.

Regular price: $10.99 / Member price: $10 / I paid: $8.25

The January Cure: Better luck next year

The January Cure by Apartment Therapy wrapped up a couple of days ago, and…surprise, surprise, not a lot changed on my end. Even though I didn’t do as many of the assignments as I was hoping to do, I did enjoy reading the prompts each day and perusing the comments left by others. It’s nice to know so many others are in the same boat. I also liked to be reminded that the Cure was about progress, not perfection. Sometimes my need to do something perfectly is debilitating and prevents me from actually doing anything.

Here’s how the assignments went since my second update:

Day 15 / Get your sofa into shape

We NEED to do this. It’s on my list of major projects. I want to vacuum the whole coach (even the back of it), clean under/behind the couch, put some pads on the feet to keep it from sliding around on the wood floor, and rotate the rug because we mashed down the corner that gets walked on the most. It’s going to likely be at least an afternoon-long project that will require Korri’s help.

Day 16 / Do a 3-minute surface sweep

This is something I try to do every day! It’s crazy how much I can clear/tidy in such a short amount of time. Our kitchen gets the bulk of the junk since it’s the first place we can drop things after coming through the door so it’s pretty much always a mess. I’m trying to think of some sort of organization system to sort mail, magazines, receipts, etc. I can’t decide between a stackable flat organizer or something that would hold everything upright like this letter holder.

Day 17 / Take a catch-up day

I can’t remember what I did, but I don’t think I worked on any of the assignments. I probably just filled and ran the dishwasher. We have a bad habit of leaving dishes in or by the sink and I’m trying to end that by keeping the dishwasher turning over constantly.

Day 18 / Clean the floor + treat yourself to flowers

I had every intention of doing this assignment last weekend…and then we spent the whole weekend on the couch watching shows on Netflix! The downtime was much needed and appreciated. We do vacuum and sweep relatively regularly but should probably mop the wood floors soon, especially in the high traffic areas.

Day 19 / Do a pantry cleanout

I actually did this back in October! Our pantry is I think the biggest pantry I’ve ever lived with, but it used to be so wildly disorganized and it would drive me crazy, so I took one weekend afternoon and evening and reorganized the shelves. It looks and functions so much better now. We just need to be good about going through and using the products we have now! I took the above photos the morning after organizing, so the shelves are slightly more disorganized/full now. I love that I can actually see what canned and jarred food we have with the shelf organizer, and I use the wire basket to corral dirty rags before laundry day.

Day 20 / Set up a “landing strip” by the door

I honestly don’t know where I would put a landing strip or what I would use as a landing strip, so I didn’t do this assignment. I do wish we had coat hooks and a bench to sit on to put on or remove shoes, but Korri has vetoed a bench. I did buy a shoe rack to put in the closet by the door to corral the shoes we wear most often (and the shoes I wear if I need to run outside), but now I’m thinking about leaving it out and seeing how it works if it’s by the door directly versus in the closet.

Day 21 / Empty the outbox + reset the living room

I didn’t do the living room assignment, so there was no resetting to be done (unless removing the Christmas decorations counts? Ha!). We still have various outboxes situated around the house, and I’m going to move them down into the workout room that is currently being used as more of a storage room until the outboxes are cleared out. I need to either borrow my dad’s truck to take everything that needs to be donated or figure out a charity that is wiling to come pick up a piece of large furniture…

Day 22 / Enjoy (and take care of) your space

I definitely need to go back and reread the assignments and keep plugging away at them. I also plan to finish reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (plus the Netflix series, which Korri and I started last weekend) and I hope that will help. I also signed up for Apartment Therapy’s Weekend Projects newsletter, which starts next Friday. Even though the Cure didn’t go as well as I had envisioned, I’m making it my goal to get the house in order this year! :) (And I’m looking forward to rereading these posts next year when I try to tackle the Cure again.)