Cozy Christmas Eve

Cozy Christmas Eve holiday outfit with nubby pullover and beanie — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Casual holiday outfit with nubby pullover — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Target style cozy holiday home decor — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Casual and cozy holiday outfit with beanie, nubby pullover, leggings — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Target sherpa blanket holiday home decor — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Cozy neutral holiday home decor — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I took PTO for Christmas Eve so I could relax at home and enjoy a true long weekend. I read a few blog posts, marathoned HGTV, vacuumed half of the house, washed the towels, and finished the last of my gift wrapping. We’re headed to a Christmas party tonight with friends and family and then seeing them again tomorrow for more Christmas festivities. Korri worked this morning (Christmas Eve) and is working again tomorrow morning, which is a bummer but such is the life of a weather forecaster. I am SO excited for him to open his gifts tomorrow!

Since I spent the majority of Christmas Eve at home, you can bet that I didn’t change out of comfy clothes! There’s nothing cozier than a nubby pullover, especially when paired with a super soft blanket and chai tea latte or hot cocoa. Yum! My brother has a nubby pullover that is almost identical to mine and I told him we must get a photo together before he goes back to college.

I finally got the house put together with our Christmas decorations. I love our tree! We got new LED lights this year that change colors (either warm white/cool white or blue/cool white), so that’s been pretty fun. I ended up keeping them on one solid color for these photos since they messed with the camera lighting, haha! The cats are obsessed with drinking the tree water, and now that the tree isn’t drinking as much as it used to, I’ve given up with trying to keep them out of it. I think we’ll keep the tree up for another week (or two if it’s not too dried out). Taking the tree down is always so sad.

Hope you have a wonderful, happy, and very merry Christmas! Thank you for reading! xoxo


Thread & Supply pullover / similar by Azalea or from Zappos
Zella leggings / similar
Cabela’s slippers / old; similar by L.L.Bean
J.Crew beanie / exact
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rosé / exact

Affordable holiday home decor from Target

Affordable holiday home decor from Target — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Yes, I am one of those people that love Target…if that makes me basic, so be it. ;) Target’s selection of holiday decor is one of my favorites, and I always make sure to browse it every fall just to see if there’s anything I’d love to add to my own home. I’m slowly building up a collection of holiday and other winter home decor. My parents have always been super into decorating the whole house, and I love how cozy and festive it feels, so it’d be amazing to do the same someday!

(Note that this post isn’t sponsored by Target; I’m just a huge fan! I wouldn’t say no to a sponsorship or collaboration in the future.)

This year, I picked up a gorgeous silver and gold snowflake pillow (I’m tempted to buy another), a new candle by Hearth and Hand (the scent is a little masculine, but I love it), and some new seasonal blankets (I bought this blanket in every color, haha). I have a gold reindeer that I picked up in a previous season, and how fun is the mug?! Not all of my mugs fit in the cabinet, so I really shouldn’t add another, but you know how I feel about cats…and I love a good play on words, too. :) I collect nutcrackers, and I’m impressed by the quality of the simple nutcrackers at Target!

I also have my eyes on this retro-inspired light-up Christmas tree (my parents have had one like this for years and I’ve claimed it when they no longer want it), this chenille cable knit pillow (cable knit isn’t ideal to have around cats, but isn’t it pretty?!), and this cute little faux pine needle/pinecone pot (you could keep it up all winter—and beyond!). It’s easy to love a lot of items, especially when they’re so affordable.

Other places I like to shop for holiday home decor include Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Pier 1. When I’m shopping, most of the time I’m not looking for anything in particular and just come across something I love! I even have a painting (well, probably a print) I picked up from the thrift store, and I get a new nutcracker every year at the ballet. I’m not aware of any boutiques in Boise that sell holiday decor, but if you’re ever in Salt Lake City, be sure to swing by The Square Nest in Sugarhouse. We went a little overboard when we stopped by last year and picked up so many fun items!

Hope you’re having a cozy weekend! xo

10 outfits to repeat from holidays past

‘Tis the season for all of the holiday cheer in every form, but especially when it comes to outfits! I love pulling out my red sweaters, festive plaid, sparkly accessories, and all of the cozy layers at this time of year. I feel like December is the only month of the year where you can really go all out with the themed outfits. To inspire me (and you!) this season, I rounded up 10 of my favorite holiday looks from the past couple of years: everything from the cozy to the fancy to the outfits I wore to work. (As always, clicking on one of the photos below will take you to the original post.) Cheers! :)