July Style Sudoku Recap

July Style Sudoku: 16 items, 14+ outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I wrapped up my July style sudoku last Saturday, so here’s the recap! For two weeks, I wore one of 14 outfits put together with the 16 items in my sudoku above, in which every row, column, and corner is an outfit (plus the diagonals…and a couple of other places if you're feeling ambitious). If you’ve been reading for a few months, you know I love putting together style sudokus because they're an excellent opportunity for me to stretch my closet, try new combinations, and remind me how much I already own (and love!). I did not do a shopping freeze this month, but I did try to be more mindful of my clothing purchases and remember my wardrobe plan.

I put together a dark color palette for my first sudoku back in January, and then lightened it up for my spring sudoku in April. The summer version included more light colors to go with the season. I included a bunch of different colors this time but still leaned heavily on shades of blue and beige/tan/brown. I loved mixing in the surplus greens and pink sandals. Everything worked well together, and I was surprised to find myself enjoying the two monochrome outfits. I originally tried to arrange this so I wouldn’t be wearing the green tee and green pants together, but I couldn’t get it how I wanted with that arrangement so I stuck with this.

Summer is hard because it’s so hot that layering isn’t really a thing I enjoy doing, but this arrangement with the blazer and cardigan worked out because I spent 10 of the 14 days at my desk in my often-freezing-cold office. It was difficult to select the other two “accessories” because it is summer, so I went with a hat and pair of earrings. The hat was probably the least useful of the items; it was nice to have on the weekends, but it was unnecessary to wear to work. I’m glad I picked a variety of different bottoms so my outfits didn’t all look exactly the same. Overall, it was another successful sudoku!

I only have one more style sudoku to go this year—the fall version, which will be happening in October! It’s going to be here before I know it.

Below you’ll find all of my outfits and where they landed on the sudoku, a widget at the end where you can shop the exact or similar items I wore, and a blank sudoku so you can make your own! Head on over to the original posts for more photos and details: outfits 1-5, outfits 6-10, and outfits 11-14. (Or you can directly click on the outfit photo you’re interested in below!)


July Style Sudoku: 4 row outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


July Style Sudoku: 4 column outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


July Style Sudoku: 4 corner outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


July Style Sudoku: 2 diagonal outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair



Make your own style sudoku — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair