Best and worst purchases of 2018

One of my favorite (and least favorite) things to do at the beginning of a new year is reflect on my best and worst clothing-related purchases of the previous year. I love doing it because I love picking out my best purchases, and I dislike doing it because I don’t like facing the harsh reality that not all of my purchases end up being that great. Haha!

In years past, I split up my best and worst purchases into two separate posts, but after looking through my 42 purchases this year (I added 47 new items to my wardrobe, but five of them were gifted to me as part of collaborations), I realized that I only have a couple of “worst” purchases, so I decided to group them all into one post. I guess I’m getting better at purchasing after all!

I picked six best purchases (one being a slight cheat…) and only two “worst” purchases out of my 42 purchases (that honestly weren’t that bad, hence the quotes). If you’re interested in specific outfit details, just click on the photo of interest to be taken to the original post. :)


Abercrombie & Fitch Packable Down Puffer {purchased December 2017}

Okay, so, this one is a little bit of a cheat because I technically purchased it in 2017, but I purchased it at the end of the year so it didn’t make it to my best purchases of 2017 (by the time that post was written, it had already been worn 14 times and made my honorable mentions). I have to mention this packable puffer coat (similar by Amazon) because I’ve worn it the most out of any of my items the past year (80 times total since I got it!). I originally purchased this coat because I wanted something lightweight to travel with to Mexico and it ended up becoming a staple in my wardrobe! It’s so easy to throw on and go. I purchased it in a size small to accommodate some sweater layering.

Everlane Modern Boyfriend Jeans {purchased January 2018}

These boyfriend jeans were by far my favorite denim purchase of the year. I featured them seven times in outfit photos, but according to my Stylebook app, I wore them a whopping 51 times (in 38 different outfits). Wow! These rang in as the third most-worn item in my closet from the past year. I love the slouchy, effortless fit—they’re incredibly comfortable to wear and I tended to reach for them a lot when I just wanted to be comfy at work or during the weekend. I tried ordering this exact style in a different colorway and found that they did not fit the same, so that was unfortunate. But at least I have these! (I sized down one from my usual denim size.)

Amour Vert ‘Kim’ Dress {purchased March 2018}

This tie-waist dress ended up being a surprising favorite considering the fact that I don’t wear many dresses nowadays. The fit is absolutely divine, and I love how the tie-waist detail conceals a full tummy (even though it can be tricky to get the tie looking just right). Plus, long sleeves are so nice for the mild spring and fall days. I wish Amour Vert would release this exact style but in a sleeveless version for summer! I took it in a size small. I had to order it because of the name, haha! ;) Do you do that, too?

J.Crew ‘Sophie’ Open-Front Sweater Blazer (heather grey) {purchased June 2018}

I don’t know what took me so long to discover the wonders of the sweater blazer! This heather grey blazer was my first foray into the world of sweater blazers, and I am hooked. This particular one is a perfect lightweight layer for the summer months (because that office A/C is out of control) but would also work well with a thin, fitted sweater layered underneath for winter. It fits perfectly in a size down from my usual, even on my broad shoulders, and the light grey color is super versatile.

Everlane Soft Cotton Square Crew {purchased August 2018}

Everlane’s sweaters are hands-down my favorite sweaters. While their cashmere reigns supreme in my opinion (and I had difficulty picking my best purchase between this sweater and my ribbed cashmere sweater), I appreciate that they release cotton options, and I’ve worn this cotton sweater a number of times since purchasing it in the heat of summer. It’s my favorite casual, slouchy fit that works so well with high-rise denim or layered over other drape-y tops. It fits oversized on me in a size XS.

& Other Stories Short Faux Fur Coat {purchased November 2018}

I had to finish off this list with this beautiful faux fur coat! It was love at first sight when I saw this coat pop up in an email, and after thinking about it for a few days, I decided to go for it. I’m not going to lie, I feel a little out of place when I wear this around town, but I love how fluffy and cozy it is. Plus, it just makes me happy! I looked through my private clothing wish list Pinterest board and saw a coat very similar to this one on it (past season H&M), so a coat like this has really been on my list for quite a while! I took this in a size 4; I probably could also fit into a size 2 but the size 4 accommodates layers.

Honorable mentions go to my Everlane cashmere rib round crew (purchased October 2018; last seen here) and Everlane slim classic French terry crew (purchased March 2018; last seen here).


Madewell Chambray Cutout Cami Mini Dress {purchased June 2018}

I purchased this chambray dress kind of on impulse early in the summer for a wedding, and I only ended up wearing it that one time. No other occasions came up! It’s a great dress, but it’s not the most practical for everyday wear, which is why it landed on my “worst” purchases list. I recently realized that my dresses haven’t been getting much wear at all since starting my job, so it’s probably time to rethink them and maybe pare down that part of my closet. I’ll hold onto this, though, in the hopes that I’ll get a chance to wear it this summer! I did spent just over $100 on it after all…

J.Crew ‘Sophie’ Open-Front Sweater Blazer (heather khaki) {purchased September 2018}

I know! It’s funny that I chose one of my sweater blazers as a best purchase and one as a worst purchase. It all came down to the color, though. I only wore this particular sweater blazer a couple of times this past few months, and I think it’s because I don’t like how the color looks against my skin. I think I would like it more if it were a deeper camel color or if I layered a long-sleeved top underneath to add contrast between it and my skin.