January Style Sudoku Recap

January Style Sudoku: 16 items, 14+ outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

It's time to recap my style sudoku! Every day from January 13th through January 26th, I wore one of 14 outfits put together with the 16 items in my sudoku above, in which every row, column, and corner is an outfit (plus the diagonals…and a couple of other places if you're feeling ambitious). I love putting together style sudokus because they're an excellent opportunity for me to stretch my closet, try new combinations, and remind me how much I already own (and love!). This style challenge coincided with an unintentional shopping freeze that started on January 1st and is still going strong to this day (mostly because the one thing I ordered got cancelled, haha).

I ended up with a color palette of mostly black and navy with a few accent colors (ivory, olive, grey, and red) and a couple of patterns (plaid shirt, striped tee). I also included lots of textures to keep things interesting. Only one of my four “accessories” was a true accessory: the black beanie. I also added a vest, shirtdress, and cardigan so I could layer.

I stuck with my go-to uniform of top + skinny pants/jeans + boots for this challenge but added the dress to force myself to mix things up! I ended up wearing the dress three times, three different ways, and I preferred the outfit with the dress worn as a duster. I felt most confident in the outfits that didn’t include the dress. This challenge solidified my love of my olive green jeans, red ankle boots, black beanie, and my patent ankle boots!

All in all, this style challenge felt very successful! This is my favorite sudoku to date (my first two were way back in 2016: here’s the fall version and spring version). I’m looking forward to doing this challenge again in April (and then again in the summer and fall)!

Below you’ll find all of my outfits and where they landed on the sudoku, a widget at the end where you can shop the exact or similar items I wore, and a blank sudoku so you can make your own! Head on over to the original posts for more photos and details: outfits 1-5, outfits 6-10, and outfits 11-14. (Or you can directly click on the outfit photo you’re interested in below!)


January Style Sudoku: 4 row outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


January Style Sudoku: 4 column outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


January Style Sudoku: 4 corner outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair


January Style Sudoku: 2 diagonal outfits — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair



Make your own style sudoku — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair