Small town South Dakota

High rise shorts summer outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Small town South Dakota architecture — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
What to wear in heat and humidity — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Everlane linen scoopneck tee — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Downtown small town South Dakota — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Summer outfit with navy Salt Water sandals — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Green linen tee outfit with high rise shorts — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Quaint small town South Dakota — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Summer style with green linen tee — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Streets of small town South Dakota — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Even though I grew up in more of a city environment and definitely prefer to live in cities, I find small towns so charming! In small towns, there's one grocery store, one gas station, maybe a small library. There's only one stoplight...or maybe it's small enough that there's only stop and yield signs. It takes approximately five minutes (or less) to drive the entire town's perimeter. Everyone knows everyone. Families pass down their homes from generation to generation. All the kids attend the same school. It's a life and a lifestyle that's very different from my own and from what I'm familiar with, and I think that's why I find small towns so intriguing. Are you more a fan of small towns or big(ger) cities?

I've visited my step-mom's side of the family in a small town in eastern South Dakota many times over the years. My dad and step mom were married at my grandparents' house 21 years ago! The past couple of visits have been during the summer—when it's the hottest and muggiest, naturally! (Here's a post from my visit in 2015!) Usually the heat and humidity means a couple of good thunderstorms, but of course, we didn't get anything during our few-day stay. (There was one rogue lighting bolt from a storm passing to the south that hit close to town and resulted in a huge thunder clap, but that was it.)

I came better prepared this trip than I did in 2015: I brought THREE linen t-shirts as opposed to just one. Haha. I brought all of my linen tees by Everlane (my favorite!) and a couple of pairs of shorts. I also had a sweatshirt for cooler evenings and a couple of pairs of jeans, since those South Dakota mosquitoes are absolutely relentless. I packed super light but it ended up working out perfectly since I wore everything I brought. I appreciated having three linen tees—one for each full day in South Dakota—because, like I said above, it was hot and humid...and sweaty!


Everlane tee / exact
ModCloth shorts / old; similar
Salt Water sandals / exact
Madewell earrings / old; similar from Etsy
Moorea Seal sunglasses / old; similar by Le Specs
Dior Addict Lip Glow in pink / exact