February freeze

Winter outfit with grey knit scarf and black parka — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Everlane chunky wool scarf — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Winter outfit with Sam Edelman Petty ankle boots — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Cozy layered winter outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Winter outfit with black parka and grey jeans — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

This is the kind of outfit I throw together when it's just too cold to care. Cashmere sweater: check! Grey jeans with a small cuff to make it look like I put some effort into my outfit: check! Most-worn ankle boots: check! Heavy scarf: check! Warm parka: check! Looking through the photos, it turns out the scarf doesn't go that well with the rest of the outfit. I was thinking it kind of goes with the light grey of the cuff, but eh. I'm not crazy about the grey-on-grey situation. I am a fan of the knit-on-knit, though. Gimme all the textures!

It's super late, I'm exhausted, and I don't have much else to write about. I've been chugging along at work during the day and glued to the Olympics in the evening while trying to blog in between. What's your favorite event to watch? I've found myself watching pretty much everything, surprisingly. My favorite events are definitely the ice skating, but I really enjoyed watching the half pipe, snowboard cross, and slopestyle events. Fun fact: My brother skis slopestyle! It's super fun to watch him but also super nerve-wracking if he crashes. Also, Nathan Chen's comeback?! Amazing! I'm hopeful that he can put it all together in 2022!


Uniqlo coat / old; similar from ASOS
Everlane sweater / exact (limited sizes in ivory) or similar
Madewell jeans / old; similar by Banana Republic
Sam Edelman boots / exact (on sale!)
Everlane scarf / similar by Smartwool
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rosé / exact