August budget

August 2017 wardrobe additions β€” Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

BlankNYC 'Life Changer' moto jacket: $69 (originally $98)
Marc Fisher 'Yommi' chelsea bootie: $132.50 (originally $189)
Amour Vert 'Annette' top: $75 (originally $88)
Amour Vert 'Greta' skirt: $109 (originally $128)

August Total = $385.50

$400 (quarterly budget) - $129.50 (June) - $144 (July) - $385.50 (August) = -$259 over budget

Whew, that was a spendy month. I'll be starting the next quarter with a deficit, though I'm also planning on kicking my budget back up to $500 per quarter now that I have a real job so I'll only be over by half versus two-thirds, haha.

I just posted on Monday about my leather jacket dilemma. I decided to include my new BlankNYC jacket from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in this post because I'm 90% sure I'm going to hold onto it and see how this fall/winter goes. I got it in a size small, which is the same size I got in the BlankNYC suede moto jacket I picked up in June. If I didn't have broad shoulders I would have gone with the XS, but the S doesn't look huge. I also got the Marc Fisher boots in the Anniversary Sale. They were kind of an impulse purchase (more than I wanted to spend), but I love them! They're different and edgy. I went up to a size 7.5 per reviews and I think it was the right choice for my slightly wide feet.

I had a coupon for Amour Vert that expired at the end of July so I placed an order for the adorable striped top and (gasp!) a midi skirt that I could wear to work. I was hoping the skirt was going to arrive before my 10x10, but it was delayed a week. Ah well. The top is so cute but does run a bit short; it works for me but keep that in mind for those of you with long torsos. The skirt is longer than I thought it would be on me but I still felt confident when I wore it to work so win/win! FYI: The stripes are blue, the base is off-white, and I got it (and the top) in my usual size XS.

I'm not planning on doing a lot of shopping next month, of course because I have already spent half of next quarter's budget... But it is my birthday month and the official start of fall, so I guess anything can happen. ;)