March budget

March 2017 wardrobe additions β€” Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

J.Crew 4" chino shorts: $11 (originally $40)
Shaya 'Priscilla' necklace via Amour Vert (seen here): $83 (originally $98)
Earth 'Pineberry' ankle boots (c/o)
Earthies 'Saletto' caged sandals (c/o)

+ $32 for the cobbler

March Total = $126

$400 (quarterly budget) - $126 (March) = $274 left for April and May

This could have been a really expensive month since it was the start of a new quarterly budget, so I'm really glad it ended up being not as spendy in the end. At the beginning of the month, I knew I had a full budget to spend, and I was really in the mood to shop. That feeling (thankfully) went away in the past week or so and that allowed me to not go out of control. I think my private wish list on Pinterest is helping me to control my spending urges and kind of plan out my purchases in a way. I shouldn't go overboard on impulse purchases when I have a bunch of expensive things on my wish list!

I mentioned last month that I took my Frye 'Melissa Button' boots and Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' flats to the cobbler. I had both of their soles reinforced with rubber (both had leather soles that would have worn through fairly quickly) and they also got heel protectors. I went back and forth on adding the cost to my budget, but in the end I decided to include it because I would count any major tailoring if a garment needed it in order for it to be worn.

I snagged one of the remaining pairs of the original chino shorts in a lovely dark grey color (called storm greyβ€”I'm a sucker for a good weather-related name, haha). The new "stretch" version isn't getting very good reviews, so I figured I should jump on the originals while they were still around. I got my usual size 0. I also picked up a gorgeous, understated necklace from Amour Vert. It was an expensive buy for my limited budget, but I know I will wear it (and it was responsibly handmade in the US, so you can't get much better than that!).

This is my third (!) year collaborating with Earth brands, and this time I was fortunate to pick out two pairs to style. They'll be featured in outfit posts next week! :) I got my usual size 7 in both, but the boots are a bit snug when worn with socks (I wear these thin, no-show ankle socks). I probably would have gone a half size up had I known, but it's not terrible. They might stretch out. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I love the sandals. The dusty blue color is a bit out of my neutral comfort zone while still seamlessly fitting into my personal style.

I bought a couple of things that didn't make the cut. The first was this gorgeous Cole Haan 'Tali' saddle bag from Hautelook. I absolutely adore the style and would have kept it if I got it in black, but I bought the sandshell color; it wasn't quite ivory but it also wasn't quite pink, so I couldn't figure out what it went with. I was also worried about it getting stained by dark denim. I also bought a pair of J.Crew 'Pixie' pants in navy since they are on sale, but mine arrived with a couple of holes...and I'm really not sure if I'd wear navy pants enough to reorder them. Thoughts? In the same order, I got a replacement pair of the toothpick corduroy pants in green (my current pair is just too tight), but I'm still debating those. The green is brighter than my old pair and the leg isn't as skinny as I had hoped. (Are straight legs coming back? Ha.) I'll add them to next month's budget if I decide to keep them.

Regarding April, if Shopbop has their usual April sale, I've got my eye on something...but otherwise, I'm not sure where the month will take me! :)

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