14 ways to wear burgundy pants

14 ways to wear burgundy pants — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

As far as the colored pants trend goes, burgundy (or maroon) pants and olive pants are really the only two colors that have stood the test of time. I purchased my pair of burgundy pants from Madewell about two and a half years ago and have included them in 32 outfits since then (14 of which were shared here on the blog; click through the photos below to see the original posts). They are a favorite of mine in the fall and winter!

At first, you may think that burgundy doesn't go with a whole lot of other colors... Well, I've got proof that it goes with basically anything you throw at it! Though, interestingly, I haven't blogged an outfit featuring navy and burgundy together even though I've worn that combo in real life. Guess I'll have to change that. ;) Regardless, it works with any neutrals you prefer—grey and black or camel and brown. And it's fun to mix things up by adding a nice olive green, a blush pink, a mint green, or even a mustard yellow. If you're hesitant, pretend they're like regular blue denim and just start trying things on! You may surprise yourself with a new favorite color combination. :)

If you don't yet have a pair of burgundy pants but want a pair, I included a widget below with lots of options at a variety of price points!