Finding balance

Fall outfit with charcoal suede jacket and burgundy pants — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Idaho style blog outfit with suede jacket — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Charcoal grey suede moto jacket fall outfit — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
BlankNYC suede moto jacket in charcoal — Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I know I talk about my new job a lot (it's about three months old now), but it's the biggest change to happen to me since...well, I started grad school five years ago! I'm not the greatest with change; it gives me a lot of anxiety, even if it is good change. This change has brought with it its own set of challenges, the biggest being balance. I'm trying to figure out my own version of work/life balance (which is essentially work, blogging, and life balance since blogging is a big enough part of my life to need its own category!).

Now that I'm gone around 9.5 hours per day, I don't have a lot of extra time for everything else. I've been spending my evenings on my blog. I get distracted easily while working on the posts (mostly by reading other blogs), but some of the posts do take a few hours to put together. I still have to squeeze in time to make dinner (sometimes my boyfriend does it, thank goodness), tidy up the house, unpack the rest of the boxes (yep, still not completely done), shower, and spend time with my boyfriend and kitties. It feels like a never-ending struggle to fit everything in. I haven't worked out since before I started my job, and I'm definitely feeling it. I want to start trying to organize and decorate this place now that it's the holiday season. I like spending time with family and friends...sigh.

Most of the reason why I shifted my blog schedule was to give me one weekend day off per week (if I wanted, but I usually do a little bit of work depending on my boyfriend's work schedule). I needed some more time to do stuff that wasn't work- or blog-related!

Working ladies: HOW DO YOU DO IT? Or do you struggle with balance as much as I do? Please tell me I'm not alone, haha! I don't know how people with kids do it all.

In outfit-related news, this is somehow the first outfit I have blogged with the suede moto jacket I bought back in June! I've worn it a few times this month and I always feel so badass when I have it on. I absolutely love the fit of it, too. I can't layer thick sweaters under it but that's okay! It's perfect for mild fall and spring days. I am so excited to wear it in the spring with a dress!


BlankNYC jacket / similar from Revolve or similar from Nordstrom
Everlane sweater / old; exact style or similar by Uniqlo
Madewell pants / old; similar by Mavi Jeans
Sam Edelman boots / exact in suede
Le Specs sunglasses / exact
Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in rosé / exact