Life Lately #1

Hope you're all having a great week so far! Today, I wanted to share a few things going on in my life lately that don't necessarily warrant their own posts.

Amour Vert tote bag — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

At the end of last month, I placed an order at Amour Vert. The dark floral skirt I bought last year is from Amour Vert (I got it at Piperlime when they were closing), and I've recently fallen in love with their other items! Plus, I adore their mission. They are ethical and sustainable while also being quite affordable. I'm going to talk a bit more about them in an upcoming outfit post featuring the item I bought, but I just wanted to share them with you all now. They are currently offering new customers 20% off their first order (plus they also started offering free shipping—and returns are free, too!); use code FIRSTLOVE at checkout. They sent me this cute tote in my order for free!

B&N Laundry Half Felted Goat Milk Soap Stain Stick — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Last month, I put on my Joie sweater (pictured above) one morning only to find that it was covered in light blue splotches. (If you look closely you can kind of see them in the photo.) I was devastated. I truly thought I had ruined my sweater by washing it with something that bled. Normally I don't separate my laundry, so I will throw in a Shout Color Catcher to catch the bleeding colors, but I must have forgotten when I washed it or thought that nothing would bleed. Since I thought it was dye, I didn't think anything could help it, but I was searching around on Amazon and came across the B&N Laundry Half Felted Goat Milk Soap Stain Stick, and it got rave reviews. (The link is to the smaller version; the larger version has the reviews.) I figured it was worth a shot...

I ended up using it on the sweater, my trench coat (which has a small ink stain on the left elbow), and my white jeans (some blue dye spots on the ankle openings which are mostly on the inside). I got the stick wet and went to work gently scrubbing everything. I scrubbed every stain I could see on my sweater. One side of the stick is just plain soap, and the other side has the felt, and I ended up using both sides on my sweater, careful to not scrub too hard with the felted side. After 20 minutes, I then washed everything on delicate and in cold water with a color catcher and The Laundress' Delicate Wash detergent.

The soap stain stick didn't seem to help my trench coat or my jeans, but I pulled out my sweater and it looked like it had worked on my sweater. I let it air dry and then carefully inspected it. Guys, I cannot find any of the stains!!! I am so excited. I can't believe it worked! (The Delicate Wash could have also helped, but still...!) If you thought you ruined anything with dye transfer, definitely give the soap stain stick a try before tossing it!

Sephora haul: Dior lip glow, Dior nail glow, Fresh sugar lip treatment — via Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

I placed an order when Sephora was offering 10% off all orders for beauty insiders (I don't spend enough to be a VIB!). While I should have at least added some items that I use regularly to my order, I ended up treating myself to some goodies I've had my eyes on for a while. I picked up the Dior addict lip glow in pink, Dior nail glow, and Fresh sugar lip treatment in nude. So far, I'm not entirely sure how well the Dior lip glow shows up on my lips; maybe it's just because I just started using it, but it doesn't seem to do much to my lips. I'm also not that crazy about the color of the nude sugar lip treatment, and it's possible that it irritates my lips a little bit though I'm going to put it on a couple more times to see if the irritation persists. I'm really excited for the nail glow, though! I think it's such a pretty sheer color.

I also ordered the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz in medium brown to try. I've been kind of wanting to try filling in my eyebrows in; they're quite defined already but definitely aren't totally "full", especially near the ends. I'm just not sure I bought the right color. My eyebrows are darker than my hair, so I wasn't entirely sure what color to get...and this color almost seems too light? I've only attempted to put it on once, though, and that was in terrible light and with my camera as a mirror, so I guess I should try it again to be sure.

At Target last weekend, I picked up the Yes To Blueberries Deep Wrinkle Night Cream just to try. I don't have truly deep wrinkles (I don't think), but I have some on my forehead so I wanted to try and nip them in the bud. I've used it for a few nights now with no ill-effects on my skin (no breakouts or anything), and my skin feels hydrated in the mornings. We'll see if it truly does reduce the look of my forehead lines. ;) On Target's Cartwheel app, they're offering 20% off all Yes To beauty products through this Saturday the 23rd! I would have also picked up my shampoo and conditioner if it had been in stock.