February budget

February wardrobe additions -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Everlane cashmere sweater (seen here): $40 (originally $115; used $70 in credit on $110)
Everlane v-neck tee: $0 (originally $15; used credit)
Banana Republic bomber jacket (sold out; seen here): $40 (originally $118)
Who What Wear for Target button-up shirt: $25

February Total = $105

$651 ($500 quarterly budget + $151 carried over) - $315 (December) - $216 (January) - $105 (February*) = $15

* Even though these four purchases are in this month's budget post, I actually purchased every item in January. The Everlane and Banana Republic items arrived in the mail earlier than expected (a couple of days before my January budget post went live), and I picked up the Who What Wear shirt on the last day of January—the day the collection was released. Because of that, I knew my winter budget was basically shot, so I decided to do something I had never successfully done before: I didn't buy any new clothing items this month. And I can happily say that I succeeded. :) (Well... there's one day left, but I know I won't give in!)

If you've been reading since December, you'd know that I included Everlane's cropped cashmere sweater in burgundy on my winter wishlist, but my size was sold out by then. I just happened to check it one evening last month and saw that there had been a return in my size—not to mention, they had dropped the price to move inventory. I checked out as quickly as possible and picked up a second tee for free shipping. (I keep a list of add-on items in my head in case of situations like this!) The sweater is perfect, and I like that they made a true black version of the tee. I plan to do more extensive reviews of the Everlane items I own in the coming weeks.

I already discussed the bomber jacket in the outfit post featuring it. Basically, I'd been wanting to add another light jacket option to the rotation and love this one, but I'd love it more if it had pockets! The embellishments are fun (yet slightly dangerous, ha). I had to check out the Who What Wear collection when it hit Target stores. I was initially drawn to the polka-dot print in this button-up shirt (and in other tops), but it was too sheer for my taste. I also really liked this olive color (which is much darker in real life; this photo shows the true color better than the stock photo). The only downside is that since it's poly, I sweat a little bit more than usual when I wore it. Not a huge deal, but that means I definitely won't wear it if I'll be moving around that much or if it's hot out!

My shopping ban is coming to a close tomorrow, which is a good thing since I added a few new items to my wishlist! I have my eyes on a new bag, another light jacket, a lace-up shirt of some sort, and I'm still on the lookout for a grey dress and navy mini skirt. I'm also going to be dropping my quarterly budget from $500 per quarter to $450. Doable, I think! We'll see!

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