September budget

September wardrobe additions -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
  1. Guess Jacket (via Wilsons Leather; unavailable online): $124 (originally ~$550)
  2. Sole Society Boots: $72 (originally $90)
  3. Uniqlo Tee: $23.50 (used PayPal)
  4. Kipling Wristlet (sold out; seen here): $0 (used gift card)
  5. L.L.Bean Shirt: $36 (originally $45; used PayPal)
  6. Everlane Sweater: $0 (birthday gift)

September Total = $196

$500 (quarterly budget) - $196 (September) = $304 left for October and November

I didn't go overboard shopping this month, thank goodness. Most of these purchases were actually made at the beginning of the month (or end of August). I noticed that I tend to shop most right near the end of a month and then try to hold off from about the middle to the end of the following month. I'm not really sure why, haha.

I sold quite a bit on eBay this month, which really helped me stay at a reasonable amount spent. I also received a birthday gift and a gift card from winning a contest.

My main prize was the beautiful leather jacket! I had been casually looking for one online (falling in love with this one from Madewell and then realizing I could never spend that much at this point in my life). Zara had comparable options for much less, but my size was sold out and not expected to make a return. When we made a trip up to the outlets, I stopped into Wilsons Leather "just to look" and ended up walking out with this beauty. I'm so in love. I'm excited to have another jacket option for this fall so I don't wear out my army green jacket and trench coat!

I also had my eye on a pair of navy leather ankle boots--and these from Sole Society fit the bill perfectly. I used a 20%-off coupon code to bring the price down a bit. (I believe you can get 20% off if you sign up using my referral link!) I ordered them in my usual size, which fit well, but the left boot feels tighter everywhere which is kind of strange. It might just be because my left foot is wider than my right? Regardless, I've worn them a couple of times since the purchase and look forward to featuring them here soon! ;)

This striped tee from Uniqlo has been a lost love of mine for months...until I saw that my size had popped back at the end of August! I pounced on it, even paying for shipping, which is something I hate doing (though I added an item for Chris so it didn't add SO much to my total). I ended up going up a size to have a slouchy look. The fabric is substantial and perfect for the transitional months. 

I recently ordered the L.L.Bean plaid flannel shirt because I've been wanting to add a green plaid to my collection. I debated a bit between the colors but eventually settled on "deep evergreen tartan" because of how much green was in it. I purchased the shirt in my normal L.L.Bean size, and I decided to try the "slightly fitted" version of the Scotch Plaid Shirt (my red plaid is the "relaxed" version; I don't think the slightly fitted version existed when I ordered it). It is a bit more fitted, and I think overall it fits better than my red plaid. I ordered a petite size in the red plaid so it wasn't so big, but that meant the body and arms were shorter than I would have preferred. I am considering reordering my red one in the slightly fitted version even though the patterns are a little bit different. Of course, the flannel is so nice and well worth the price!

With my gift card from Kipling, I ordered a wristlet. I love that it's so easy to tote around campus with me when I don't want to lug my backpack. (I also ordered new carry-on luggage and a lunch bag!) Sadly, it appears to be sold out from the site now. For my birthday, I asked for the blush cashmere sweater from Everlane. It is just as beautiful as my rose sweater! I ended up getting it in the same size as my other sweater (one size up from normal) so I can layer underneath. I have a bunch of outfit ideas already for it and cannot wait to wear it all fall/winter!

Phew! That was a lot of writing. Anyway, looking to October, I don't have a ton of plans for what I want to add. My eyes are peeled for a grey dress and perhaps a new chambray shirt. I ordered an item from the Thakoon for DesigNation collection at Kohl's, and I may possibly place an Everlane order. I need to also go through my closet again (now that moving is done!) and try to pare it down some more so I can make room for new loves. :)

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