My summer wishlist


Madewell crop top / Ray-Ban sunglasses (price-matched!) / Sandelles metallic sandals (I'd go for the gold!) / Topshop maxi skirt / J.Crew popover / J.Crew shorts

Happy summer solstice! Sadly, now the days will start getting shorter. Wah-wah. In honor of the season, I decided to put together a little list of things I've been dreaming about adding to my wardrobe. At this point, I'm actually really satisfied with my spring/summer wardrobe, surprisingly! I've added some great pieces this month, and I really don't have that much more I plan on adding, though any of these would be welcome additions.

The crop top from Madewell is linen, which, as you know, is quite possibly my favorite fabric to wear in the summer months. The website doesn't make it clear if it's 100% linen or a linen blend, but I love anything with linen in it--plus, it's STRIPED and simply adorable. The popover from J.Crew has been on my wishlist since I first saw it in store and then found this blush color online. I'm dying to add a little bit of pink to my S/S wardrobe, but I need a petite size in this top and it keeps selling out at full-price (good for J.Crew but not so good for me, haha). I'll just stare at it longingly (and maybe look out for it on resale sites).

I really, really don't need any more bottoms, but I've recently wanted a black maxi skirt to add some variety. I'd love a breathable fabric and some kind of slit but without the waist/hip ruching, and this skirt from Topshop has been the front-runner. The price is right, too! Additionally, I don't have a lot of variety in my shorts collection, and olive green shorts would mix that up a bit, too. If I got these shorts from J.Crew, I would definitely roll them up to make the inseam a bit shorter, but the color is perfect and would go with so much in my closet!

Metallic gold sandals are a definite want since I've seen all the gold slides around social media this season. (These sandals from Sandelles are the rose gold version since they didn't have a photo of the gold sandals available.) They would definitely spice up my spring/summer wardrobe! Lastly, what's a wishlist without a true dream item? The Ray-Ban sunglasses are so not in the budget, but they are beautiful and are likely much better for my eyes than the cheap sunglasses I have now (plus, they're polarized!). Now would be the time to buy them, though, since Nordstrom has them price-matched.