My S/S '15 favorites

Now that fall is definitely here, it's time for me to look back at this past spring and summer and pick out my favorite looks. I'm not going to lie, as much as I loved every outfit when I posted it, it was hard for me to pick out the outfits that truly speak to me now. I don't know why that is. I see them now and some of them just seem kind of "meh"... I keep hoping that each season, I'll like my outfits more, and overall that's true, I suppose. I just wish they spoke to me more! I guess I need to keep working on refining my style. My looks won't ever truly be perfect (though some come close--at least in my eyes), but they can certainly try! I noticed that one common theme in these outfits I picked is the color white/general light colors. They are also mainly made up of separates--and a whole lot of skirts at that.

Side note: Does it make more sense for me to do these posts at the beginning of the season? (I'd post the S/S recap at the beginning of the next spring, for example.) I've always done them at the conclusion of the season but I noticed a lot of bloggers sharing posts lately with favorite past fall outfits and wondered if it made more sense to move future posts like this to the beginning of the relevant season. Let me know your thoughts!

White + bright colors for spring/summer -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Pastels, trench coat, and windowpane print for spring/summer -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Stripes, cognac, and easy separates for spring/summer -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Summer blues -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair
Dark colors for the end of summer -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair