October budget

October wardrobe additions -- Cotton Cashmere Cat Hair

Thakoon for DesigNation Sweater: $40 (originally $68)
Everlane Cardigan: $60 (originally $130; used $70 in credit)
LOFT Tee: $18 (originally $34.50; used PayPal)
Old Navy Skirt: $7 (originally $20; used PayPal)
Madewell Oxfords: $90 (originally $148; used gift cards)

October Total = $100

$500 (quarterly budget) - $196 (September) - $100 (October) = $204 left for November

I didn't do a whole lot of shopping this month. I didn't really have a desire to, and I'm glad about that! I've been enjoying wearing my older pieces in new and exciting ways recently.

I purchased the sweater and cardigan at the beginning of the month, and I have to say that they are both wonderful pieces. The sweater was the only item I really wanted from the Thakoon for Kohl's collection, so I ordered it along with some potential Christmas presents to get that free shipping. It fits wonderfully in size XS and was the perfect choice to wear on a plane. The knit is sooo soft, and the floral layer adds interest but not bulk--and it didn't wrinkle. Highly recommend!

Every once in a while, I browse Everlane's limited product collection--it's basically just all of the items that have low stock but have not yet sold out and that are from seasons past. They move them to this page, which I haven't been able to find except by actually typing it into the bar. I don't know why they make it so difficult. Anyway, this chunky wool cardigan caught my eye. It looked so luscious and warm. I decided to go for it after earning some credit (and receiving a bit from Everlane because they are that cool). I wear it nearly every day after school. It's like I'm wearing a blanket. I ended up getting a small after studying the garment measurements for far too long, and in hindsight I should have gone with an XS. The arms are a little bit ridiculously long, haha. It was a worthwhile purchase, though. It is so lovely in person and oh-so warm. (New to Everlane and have yet to make an account? Please consider signing up with my referral link!)

I placed a large Old Navy order last week, hoping to try out this ponte mini skirt in black and navy, a camel cable knit sweater, and a swing dress. I order multiple sizes of everything but the dress because I was confident of my size thanks to the reviews on it. I've been wanting to try a swing dress because so many other people look so chic in them, but I just didn't like it on me at all. I also was initially trying to decide between the petite and regular version of the sweater (while wearing the black skirt), but after closer inspection, I didn't particularly like the quality of it so both are going back. I ordered the skirt in two colors and two sizes of each because it was so inexpensive, and I thought a skirt like this would look good with slouchy sweaters and tees. I ended up with the XS, which fit well in the black. The navy skirt in XS was cut a little funny. All in all, I'm only keeping the black skirt from the order. Better luck next time maybe, Old Navy!

The LOFT purchase came about after browsing the website and finding this black-and-white striped tee that seemed to be perfect. You guys don't even know how long I've been searching for a tee like this! It has been well over a year. I was very particular about the tee I wanted. Luckily, a few days later, LOFT offered 50% off everything in stores, so I made a trip down to check out the tee and promptly brought it home with me. It is a little thin, and the white stripes are slightly sheer, but I'm very happy for the price. It fit true to size for me, also, and it's the perfect not-too-loose-not-too-tight tee. Hopefully nothing changes about the fit after it's washed.

Finally, the shoes. The gorgeous, shiny, luscious leather oxfords. Aren't they so pretty?! I have (had, now) a rather high amount of Madewell gift cards because it's the go-to gift, so I decided to buy these, the Jess Oxford in Cordovan, when they were discounted and eligible for a promo. I am slightly on the fence about these beauties even though I can think of a million different outfits to wear with them. I think it's because they're slightly out of my normal style. I mean, I like aspects of menswear, but am I cool enough to pull these off? Do you guys think I'm being crazy? Also, I don't want to ruin them by wearing them, haha. And what if they go on sale for less than what I paid? I'm such a freak about a bargain even if I have gift cards. Anyway... I'd love to hear your thoughts on them. If you're considering them yourself, the reviews were spot on--they fit true to size even with the pointed toe.

This month, I sold a few things to offset the costs of the tee and skirt and start padding up my bank account for the holidays. I ended up saying goodbye to two pairs of shoes, a dress, and two cardigans. As always, I've got some pre-loved items on Poshmark and plans to add more soon-ish. (You can join with code PQURR and earn a $5 credit!) Right now on my shopping list, I've got a grey flannel shirt, a new coat, and perhaps another ivory cable knit sweater, though the sweater is definitely not a need. I'm also considering buying a Longchamp bag to use in lieu of my backpack, since I rarely carry any books or my laptop to school. Perhaps there will be a good deal on one over Thanksgiving weekend. :)

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