March budget

  1. LOFT Pants (sold out): $23.50 (originally $59.50; paid with PayPal)
  2. LOFT Earrings (sold out): $8.50 (originally $29.50)
  3. Coach Bag (vintage via Ebay): $76 (retails for $278 new; paid with PayPal)
  4. Clare Vivier for & Other Stories Bag (sold out): $144

March Total = $152.50

$413 ($500 quarterly budget - $87 overspent) - $152.50 (March) = $260.50 left for April and May

I dub this month the month of the bags. I'm not much of a bag person; I don't obsess over them, and I generally buy bags because of utilitarian purposes and not because they're super cute and a "statement" piece. The last bag I purchased before this month was my black crossbody bag, purchased back in August. Before that, I bought my tote in April. So, you can say bags aren't my top priority.

For a few months now, I've been wanting a vintage Coach bag in British tan (either the City or Court style in particular), and I had saved a search on Ebay and checked it periodically. Most bags were either too expensive, were a little too beat up, or were missing an adjustable crossbody strap. However, at the end of February, I found a vintage City bag starting for less than $50, and I knew that was the one. I almost lost it to a pretty fierce bidding war that went way over my initial budget for the bag, but I bid in the last few seconds and snatched it. It's such a lovely bag, though it got a bit misshapen in the mail (USPS had it for a few extra days than they should have) so I'm working on getting it back to normal.

My white bucket bag was not a bag I was planning on buying...until I saw it. :) When the & Other Stories collaboration with Clare Vivier was released at the beginning of the month, I was immediately drawn to this bag. I don't even know why, because up until that moment I had no interest in bucket bags. After looking at the bag for mere minutes, it had sold out, and I thought that was it. I tried to forget about it, but I couldn't stop thinking about it! It ended up coming in and out of stock throughout the first weekend of the month, and I tweeted Jessica and asked her opinion of it since she has killer taste in bags and knows quality. By the time I was convinced that I needed the bag, it was sold out again. I checked back every day and didn't see it in stock, so I figured it was gone. I moped. I tried convincing myself that I didn't need the bag and to think about everything else I could buy with the money, but I was still sad about missing it. By now it had been almost two weeks since the collab was initially released, so I thought it was gone for good and that no more returns would be made. By some miracle, it was back in stock a couple of days before I left for Texas, and I POUNCED! I frantically decided on a lotion to get my order past the free shipping threshold, and that was that. You guys...I am in LOVE with this bag. Obsessed. I talk about it. I talk to it. I pet it. I smell it. I'm weird, I know, but I don't usually love bags as much as I do this one. I'm so happy I splurged on it because it brings me so much joy.

Anyway. Sorry for the novel about my wonderful new bucket bag! I wore it all weekend and am so excited to feature it in outfit posts.

I didn't let myself spend too much more this month because of the bag purchases, but I did keep a couple of things from a large LOFT order I placed during a flash sale at the end of February. Those darn flash sales get me every time! I'm doing much better at not buying random items (or at least, not keeping them...), but I was surprised by these cotton-linen pants I added to the order just for fun. I asked for feedback on them and ultimately decided to keep them. I wore them over the weekend, and they are so comfortable and perfect for the warmer months (albeit a little big even in one size smaller than my usual). The statement earrings add some variety to my collection, and who can resist a little sparkle? :)

I placed a couple of orders at the end of this month (another LOFT flash sale got me, though I ordered a few multiples so I anticipate not keeping most of it). I've had my eye out for interesting pieces for spring/summer--mostly tank tops--since I already have a lot of basics. However, I'm also looking at adding another dress or two (I seriously cleaned out that portion of my closet), and I really want light wash denim (Madewell has my pair, of course). I also ordered a pair of white denim with some gift cards to Nordstrom I've had since Christmas. I'm not sure yet if they will work since I'm picky about fit and sheerness, but my fingers are crossed. I stopped in the store last Friday to try on a bunch of different brands based on the white denim I found on sale online and somehow missed the pair that I ended up ordering. (I tried on the same brand and style but in a different wash when they actually had the exact wash in store. D'oh!) I'm excited to finally be nailing down my spring/summer style! :)

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