A Perfect Pair: J.Crew 'Pixie' Pants + Sam Edelman 'Petty' Boots

After keeping track of my outfits for the past seven months, I realized that I have some go-to combinations that never fail me. Last month, I noticed just how much I wore my black J.Crew 'Pixie' pants with my black leather Sam Edelman 'Petty' ankle boots. I wore the combination in four different outfits I featured here and in four other outfits I wore but did not photograph/share. (Did anyone notice? Haha.) I was slightly worried about sharing so many outfits with the same bottom half, but I loved them too much not to...and after all, they were all outfits I wore in my real life! I figured showcasing some of these "perfect pairs" would be fun, and I always enjoy seeing how an item or two can be remixed!

  1. Outfit Re-creation: Zipped -- with autumn layers
  2. Cardigan wrap -- with a belted, chunky knit cardigan
  3. Two months later -- with a cropped sweater and collared shirt
  4. Lack-of-snow day -- with a long sweater and scarf