January budget

  1. Helmut Lang Sweatshirt (via SSENSE; seen here): $27 (originally $230; on sale for $127 & used $100 in Christmas money)
  2. J.Crew Belt: $19 (originally $34.50)
  3. J.Crew Flats (via Ebay; old version): $29 (originally $125; used PayPal money)
  4. & Other Stories Boots: $69 (originally $195)
  5. Everlane Sweater (seen here): $118 (originally $128)

January Total = $233

$566 ($500 quarterly budget + $66 carried over) - $296 (December) - $233 (January) = $37 left for February

I knew this was going to be a spendy month before the month even started, haha. The sweatshirt I ordered before Christmas (it was 50% off and something I've been wanting for nearly a year so I bit!). I also received a $10 coupon for Everlane and could not get the cashmere sweaters out of my head; I had to give one a try! Even with the Christmas money I received, those two items took up the majority of my budget this time. I regret neither purchase. I've already worn both three times this month, which doesn't seem like a lot until you realize how many sweaters I have (a lot, haha). I'm looking forward to more wears the next couple of months and into the future!

Other purchases include a cognac belt from J.Crew that I snagged when I stopped in store as well as the original made-in-Italy Cece ballet flats in black leather (definitely my favorite pair of ballet flats ever; J.Crew discontinued them but just brought them back, though they aren't made in Italy anymore--bummer!). The Ceces I found on Ebay, and somehow I got them for $29 including shipping. I feel like I got so lucky! Thanks to Ebay sales this month, the purchase of the flats didn't come out of my budget.

The ankle boots are from a new-to-me brand, & Other Stories, the little sister of H&M. They make gorgeous ready-to-wear garments, shoes, and accessories. I recently fell in love with their aesthetic because of Taylor Swift. I couldn't ignore these boots--they are the perfect deep red color, made of leather, and were a whopping $59 on sale (shipping and tax added $10 to the price). HOW COULD I SAY NO?! I have no self control, I know. But I didn't buy these right when I saw them; I thought about them for a full weekend before I pulled the trigger. And I cannot wait to show them to you all. :)

Looking ahead to February, I have a few things in mind that I'm hoping to buy, but it's going to be difficult considering I only have $37 to spend! I'm hoping to sell quite a bit more on Ebay, so that will definitely help. As far as shoes go, I think I'm good...though I do think I want a pretty pair of sandals for spring/summer and that's something I'll be looking out for in the next few months.


Here are also a couple of last minute Christmas gifts I received. The J.Crew Factory scarf I actually forgot to include in my December budget post; a good friend of mine gifted it to me. I wear it often and it might make its way into an outfit post. The Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes were a late gift given to me by my brother. We went shopping on New Year's Day because hitting up the Dillard's NYD sale is a must-do for me every year! That's when I always get my Sperrys because I've never seen better prices on them; 50% off already reduced prices is a steal in my book and it's totally worth battling the crowd. (We went later in the afternoon and there was still lots of shoes left!)

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