Best purchases of 2014

Now that my worst purchases are out of the way, it's time to focus on the items I really loved--my best purchases of 2014! It was actually kind of difficult to make this list. I felt myself focusing more on the fall/winter items since those are what I'm currently wearing. Even though this list is mostly fall/winter heavy after considering everything I bought, I feel like it is the best representation of my year-round favorites.


Cole Haan 'Wesley' Tall Boots {purchased January 2014}
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These boots were not featured in any budget posts since they were purchased in January, before I started budgeting. I actually received a different pair of leather tall boots for Christmas (the Sam Edelman 'Penny' Boots) that didn't work out for me. I returned those and purchased these boots, and I ended up having to spend ~$70 of my own money since they were more expensive than the first pair of boots. I'm super happy with these boots! They're very comfortable with the Nike Air technology (though I'm still breaking them in around my feet, oddly enough), and the color is rich and beautiful. As much as I love them, they don't get a ton of wear compared to other shoes because I don't have the leather treated for rain or snow and I would hate to ruin them.


Madewell 'Billie' Boots {purchased March 2014}
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The number of posts I linked to says it all. I've worn these boots so many times since I bought them! I'm so glad I took the plunge and bought them even though they took a rather large chunk of my budget. I wear these a whole lot in the spring, fall, and winter, and I know you'll be seeing a lot more of these boots this year! Between the tall boots and these, I'm quite proud of my boot purchases from last year.


Madewell Legging Jeans {purchased March 2014}
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It was hard to pick one pair of jeans out of the three pairs of Madewell jeans I purchased last year, but the legging jeans won because of three reasons: comfort, wash, and inseam. I love my sky wash pair of skinny skinny jeans, but I bought too long of an inseam and most of the time I don't want to cuff my jeans. The pair I just purchased last month I've only gotten to wear a few times, as you might imagine. I wore the legging jeans the most, logging 16 wears on my Stylebook app. They've held up quite well despite their thin material, so I have high hopes that they'll last some time.


Vince Camuto 'Lancaster' Flats via Nordstrom {purchased May 2014}
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This was another top-notch shoe purchase. I had been looking for black flats for quite some time, and was looking for ballet flats in particular, but when I found these loafers (first in Nordstrom Rack and then exchanging for a smaller size on Nordstrom), I had to give them a shot--and boy was I impressed! These are my go-to shoes if I have to run a quick errand. They go with everything and are quite comfortable! I look forward to many more wears out of them this year.


Madewell 'Knitmix' Sweater {purchased May 2014}
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I've been on a sweater-buying binge for most of the past year! They're my favorite article of clothing to wear in the cooler months. I seem to never have enough, haha. Out of all of my sweater purchases, this one comes out on top even though I've only featured it three times on here. I've worn it nine times according to my Stylebook app, which doesn't seem like a lot unless you consider the number of sweaters I have. The ivory color goes with everything, and the details on the sweater put it one step above the rest. I can't get enough!


Kate Spade 'One in a Million' Monogram Necklace via Nordstrom {purchased July 2014}
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This is likely my most worn piece of jewelry in 2014 with 12 total wears. I just adore it. It's simple and seems to go with pretty much every outfit! I really hope it holds up from all of the wear. I've been more nervous about jewelry purchases because the gold plating on all of the necklaces I purchased in 2013 and early 2014 is wearing off. I've been trying to stop that/prevent it by painting clear nail polish over the chains, but the chain on this necklace is so small that I don't think I can do it without painting the surface I set it on. Ah!


Halogen Leather Crossbody Bag via Nordstrom {purchased August 2014}
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This was another item on my list that I successfully crossed off my list last year. I love this bag! I wanted a simple, small black leather crossbody bag to go with everything, and I couldn't be happier that I found it. Like my black loafers, this is my go-to bag. It has plenty of pockets for storing everyday essentials (and for losing things; Chris seems to have a hard time finding things when I ask him to look, haha). The only downside is that the strap gets twisted easily and taking the couple of seconds to fix it can be annoying at times (I know, such a dumb thing to be annoyed about, but it's not something I've had to deal with before!).


J.Crew 'Pixie' Pants {purchased October 2014}
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I can't believe how many times I've worn these pants since I bought them. They. Are. Amazing. According to my Stylebook app, I've worn them 16 times. That's a TON, especially considering that I could only wear them twice in November due to my remix chain. I may or may not have lived in those pants in December, haha. Needless to say, I highly recommend these pants, and my fingers are crossed that they last me years of wear!

Honorable mentions go to my Uniqlo Rayon Sleeveless BlouseMadewell 'Outbound' Jacket, Madewell 'Crisscross Sightseer' Sandals, Salt Water Sandals, Ellen Tracy Safari Trench Coat via Nordstrom, and a gift--my Sam Edelman 'Petty' Boots. You can find most of these items featured in the outfits above. I did pretty well at making smart purchases this year! Here's to making more smart purchases and fewer impulse purchases in 2015. :)