How You Get the Girl: My December wishlist


J.Crew Thin Shaped Hoop Earrings (available here)/ Helmut Lang 'Villous' Zip Up Sweatshirt in black (available at Nordstrom) / Dior Nail Glow (available at Sephora) / Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances in paperback (available at Amazon) / Charlotte Olympia 'Kitty' Flat in navy (available at Nordstrom) / Idaho Home T in grey (available here) / Panasonic RPHJE120S In-Ear Headphones in silver (available at Amazon) / Whimbrel Cape by Saturday/Sunday (available at Anthropologie) / Madewell Blanket Scarf (available here) / Anthropologie Helene Tortie Sunglasses (available here)

I thought it would be fun to name a gift guide using the title of one of my favorite songs from Taylor Swift's 1989, How You Get the Girl. Since I don't have the time nor fashion sense to pick out items good for other people, I decided to turn it into a gift guide...for myself (a.k.a. just a wishlist, as we all know). I haven't made a wishlist in a long time, mostly because I tend to either buy what I want after a month or so of deliberation, or I want to keep what I want a secret in hopes that no one else discovers it and buys it up before I can (an irrational yet real fear).

These are some of the items I've had on my wishlist for quite some time. I included some non-fashion items because why not?! I'm in love with John Green's books and it's the only book I don't own/haven't read (I'm working on Paper Towns right now!). Also, I go through headphones way too often, so I tend to stick with the cheap pairs. These have amazing reviews for the price so maybe they'll last longer than other cheap pairs I've purchased! Of course, most of the items are fashion-related. I included some "if my family happens to win the lottery" items just for fun. ;)

Here are some tips/tricks for shopping at these retailers (just in case my family happens to be reading):

  • J.Crew and Madewell always have some sort of sale, so don't pay full price. If they don't for some reason, wait a few days and check back. Most of the big promos start on Thursday or Friday and last through the weekend. I would advise against purchasing items that are final sale because if the fit is off or quality is poor you can't return them. Both retailers also offer a 15% off student discount in store that you can stack with promos unless they are global promos.
  • Nordstrom and Anthropologie both have great return policies. Nordstrom does not charge for shipping, though Anthropologie does unless they happen to have a free shipping promo. They are rare so you have to keep your eyes peeled on the site. Sometimes Anthro has a percentage-off sale on all items but that may not happen again before Christmas.
  • If in doubt, gift cards are the best way to go. They are not as impersonal as they may seem, I promise! Gift cards tell the recipient that they can treat themselves with whatever they may please and get exactly what they've been wishing for. I always get excited when I'm out shopping and I remember I have gift cards to spend!
  • If your favorite airline lets you earn points/miles from shopping, don't forget to shop through them! I keep forgetting to shop through Southwest Airlines' Rapid Rewards shopping, which is quite frustrating because I'd have 1000+ more points if only I had remembered!

Happy shopping! ;)