I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream


I hate it when I follow washing directions and the garment shrinks or pills or something else that wasn't supposed to happen. Case in point: this black dress. It used to be only a couple of inches above my knees, and now it hits at barely mid-thigh! That's just unacceptable, Gap. They're lucky I'm short enough to still wear it.

Otherwise, I don't have too much to say about this outfit except that I'm glad my layering worked out! I was excited to add the collared shirt under the dress. Chris said I looked super preppy, which is what I was going for, haha. I only wish my shoes were leather instead of faux suede or whatever they are. For some reason I think leather looks better with tights. I was -this close- to swapping these shoes for my black loafers but decided against it since the loafers looked even weirder with the tights! Someday I'll have all the clothes and shoes that make every outfit look perfect--or at least that's what I keep telling myself.


J.Crew cardigan (old) / Gap dress (last seen here) / Uniqlo shirt (last seen here) / Madewell belt / L'eggs tights (exact) / ModCloth flats (old; last seen here)


I took it upon myself to soak up one of the remaining "warm" days of the year by not wearing tights! The rest of the week is going to be freezing cold and I am so not looking forward to needing to wrap up in a million layers. I decided to remix my black dress by tying my flannel shirt over it (no jacket needed with the flannel--yay!) and finishing the look off with my combat boots. Simple and unfussy for a lazy Sunday. You also may have noticed my disheveled hair; I'm kind of in love with the look right now, which I think looks much better with short hair than long hair!


L.L.Bean shirt (old; last seen here) / Gap dress / Carrini boots via Hautelook


This flannel shirt kept me toasty for the first cold day of the week. (I did wear a coat for the record. It was COLD! That's why I'm wearing my scarf in the photos. Well, and I wanted to show off my pretty scarf. It's huge and wonderful and Chris made it for me.) I defaulted to another favorite of mine: boyfriend jeans with ankle boots. Simple and comfortable, just the way I like it.

In other news, Taylor Swift released her second single from 1989 today--Blank Space! It is so incredibly catchy and hilarious. If you haven't heard the song or watched the music video, I highly recommend. And I'm not usually one who watches music videos. If you understand what the media has been saying about her the past couple of years, you'll totally get it. It's fabulous.

P.S. Sorry about the terrible lighting in this photos. I don't normally look like an Oompa Loompa. Time has not been on our side lately! (And I do not know enough about Photoshop to fix my skin, haha.)


L.L.Bean shirt (old) / Gap Factory jeans (similar from Gap) / Madewell boots / scarf handmade by my boyfriend

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