Long weekend in Moab, UT

After I defended my thesis last Friday, Chris and I packed up and headed out for a long weekend away in Moab, Utah. We planned to spend one day at Canyonlands National Park and another day at Arches National Park. You guys...Moab is literally another world. The rocks are SO red, I can't even explain. You just have to see for yourself. I think it's amazing that Arches and Canyonlands are a mere 30 miles from each other and yet SO different. They are both amazing and breathtaking, but in different ways. I took a couple of geology classes during undergrad, so I have an appreciation for rocks. I could not get enough of the amazing geology in the whole area! They are definitely parks you should add to your bucket list if you haven't already. I wish we could have stayed the whole week, but alas, works calls; I have to edit my thesis and prepare for a conference next week! I'm sharing with you some photos from our trip (I took nearly 1,000 and picked only 16 for this post!), and I hope you enjoy! :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands is divided into different districts, and they're separated by the Colorado and Green Rivers. We spent the whole day in the Island in the Sky region, which is the northernmost region closest to Moab. It's also the least primitive of the regions; the others are more catered to backpackers and such (little to no paved roads, survival skills required, etc.).


Upheaval Dome (no one knows for sure what caused this)


On top of Whale Rock looking towards the Green River


Green River in the canyon below


Colorado River in the canyon below (that geology!)


Mesa Arch (there is a 500' drop below it!)


Looking towards the La Sal Mountains (covered by rain)

Arches National Park


Delicate Arch (rare moment with no one standing under it)


Skyline Arch


Heart rock (my name for it) / Butt rock (Chris's name for it)


Proud of this selfie I took with Landscape Arch


Double Arch


North and South Windows


Helping Balanced Rock stay balanced