Tuesday tulle


I hope you guys are cool with all of the outfit posts. I have a bunch I'm trying to wear before fall sets in, so prepare yourselves for a few more of them! ;)

Anyway, tulle. Is it not as popular anymore, or is that just me? Or maybe it's the fact that it's fall and tulle is more of a spring/summer thing. Who knows. Either way, I still love it, and my navy tulle skirt is the perfect color for any season. I dressed it down for this outfit by wearing it with one of my many striped tees (though chose the one with jewels to avoid wearing a necklace) and my black sandals. Because black and navy go together, of course. (Is it just me, or does the collar of the tee look navy? I have always thought that it wasn't black, but way back when this was on the website, it looked black, so I thought it was just me...) I wore this out to dinner with friends. We were also going to go grocery shopping but decided we could last another day or two without going. Now I'm wishing I had things to snack on... :)


J.Crew top (last seen here) / ModCloth skirt (last seen here) / Ananias sandals (custom) / Halogen bag / Zoya nail polish