August budget

  1. Ananias Sandals (via Etsy): $48
  2. Madewell Jacket: $48 (originally $98)
  3. Chelsea28 Sweater (via Nordstrom): $63 (originally $88)
  4. Halogen Bag (via Nordstrom; seen here): $84 (originally $118)
  5. BaubleBar Necklace (seen here): $10 (originally $28)
  6. Gap Dress: $51 (originally $80)
  7. Joie Sweater (via TJ Maxx): $56 (originally $278; used $50 gift card on $106)

August Total = $170 (plus $190 in PayPal funds from Ebay sales)

$500 (quarterly budget) - $249 (June) - $216 (July) - $170 (August) = -$135

*cough* I know... I feel gross looking at how much I overspent this month. Thank goodness I was able to sell so much on Ebay or else I would be way more in the hole. I'll be starting at $365 for my new quarterly budget instead of $500 because of it. I do have a couple of orders I just received and am still deciding about. Next month is going to be a little bit wonky because of my birthday. I'm on a self-imposed "no buy" because I have to pay tuition, and I want to save money for a little trip Chris and I are taking after my defense. However, because of my birthday, I'm allowing myself to buy things if I receive gift cards and only if I spend it on things on my "need" list. I sent Chris my list and told him to keep me accountable!

I'm pretty upset with myself because I shopped during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and both the sweater and the bag are now even more on sale than they were during the Anniversary Sale. What a joke! I'm definitely going to be avoiding that sale next year and just keeping an eye on potential purchases to see if they go even more on sale later.

My other purchases include a little black dress (woo!), my custom sandals from Greece, a super simple necklace (BaubleBar also sent another simple necklace for free as a little gift), a military jacket perfect for fall, and a lovely sweater I found at TJ Maxx. I'm getting excited for fall, you guys! My sweater collection is looking very happy.

Fingers crossed I can get my butt into gear next month!

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