May budget

  1. Madewell Sweater: $48 (originally $89.50)
  2. Madewell Sweater: $36 (originally $89.50)
  3. Madewell Sweater: $36 (originally $69.50)
  4. J.Crew Blazer: $75 (originally $198)
  5. J.Crew Factory Dress: $36 (originally $89.50)
  6. J.Crew Factory Top (in store): $5 (originally $29.50)
  7. J.Crew Factory Top: $11 (originally $49.50)
  8. H&M Top: $11
  9. Anthropologie Top: $32 (originally $60)
  10. Salt Water Sandals: $25 (originally $36-$40 depending on retailer)

May Total (excluding PayPal) = $119 // $500 – $354 (Feb + Mar) – $27 (Apr) - $119 (May) = $0

I made many returns since my April budget was posted. I ended up returning all three J.Crew Factory tops, the American Eagle sandals, and I returned the Vince Camuto flats (from Nordstrom Rack) and purchased them from Nordstrom in a different size (and they were less expensive!). Because of all of the returns, I had a $119 budget for this month, plus I had almost $200 in PayPal. It's really confusing when returns are involved, so from here on out I will try my best to only post the items that I know I'm keeping. (I know I'm keeping all of the items this month!)

I didn't realize how many tops and sweaters I got this month until I put this collage together. I know it's May, but Madewell had a killer sale-on-sale at the beginning of the month and I've had the sweaters on my list for a while. I'm kind of sad that it's way too warm to wear them now! The other tops I got will work awesomely for the summer. I've already featured three of them in posts! The two JCF tank tops I grabbed in store; they were on major sale and the prices were unbeatable. The top/blouse portion of my spring/summer wardrobe is severely lacking so that'll be my main focus going into June.

The J.Crew classic schoolboy blazer went on sale at the beginning of the month, and I grabbed it before it went final sale because I wasn't sure how it would fit. I ended up really liking how it fit me, so it's a keeper! I'm really excited about finally having a blazer that fits me well. I'm hoping to try and wear it casually this fall/winter, but it's definitely nice to have for more formal academic-related events.

I also made a purchase during the Nordstrom half-yearly sale, but I haven't received one of the items yet and will note those items in June if I keep them. :)

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